Hello friends,
Yes, housekeeping, we’re all doing a great deal of that just now, unless you are the recipient of some especially shambolic, or dare we say, malicious governance, in which case, you might be enjoying more freedom than is good for you. Here in the UK we have Boris Johnson, whose exact conjunction of Moon with Ixion might justify our slight nervousness about his altruism and community spirit – or lack thereof. There will be a case study of Boris in the new book, and we will try not to make it too political.

So, back to housekeeping, and you may have noticed that I have dropped the subscriber rate down to $5. I said I would do this at 50 subscribers and we are nearly there, thank you so much for all your support and for making all this possible. My eventual aim, is to get the fee down to $2 or $3 a month, so it’s negligible for you, but still gives me the support to devote my energies to this project more or less full time.

I am writing a new article which will be available in the next few days, until then, be well, stay safe and thank you,

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