Orcus opposite Neptune.

It’s been a good week for the Chirotic Journal, as I passed the million visitor mark and my latest article was published by the Mountain Astrologer Magazine online. Please have a read on their website: http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/orcus-opposite-neptune-now

I’m working on an exciting new article which should appear in the next few days.

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  1. Read the article last night on Mountain Astrology. Love the historical exploration and wish to know how it applies on a personal level! And then I revisited a copy of the book, Orcus.

    Natally, I have Virgo Ascendant and Neptune at 9+degrees which is as you know directly opposite transiting Neptune. In Feb 2009 shortly after the first opposition, I developed heart issues and have been working with them and energetic shifts since then. Much improvement in the last few weeks. With the last opposition about to occur, is it safe to say the worst is past? In any case, happy to share more if it would be helpful to your work. It can’t be happenstance that Orcus is at the highest point in my natal chart.

    Congrats on the million mark and the article publication. jo

  2. What an incredible piece of writing. And so validating, too!

    I’ve been living for some time with transiting Neptune conjunct my Sun, opposed by transiting Orcus (major energy drain, if anything), then Saturn slow-rolled into my fifth house with his mighty square.

    As of late, I have been especially self-aware of my unexpressed solar qualities, that seem so far out of reach for as long as I can remember, I suppose this is why?
    I have been slowly giving up on my dream career, finally braving the departure, and begrudgingly going back to college to study something entirely different from what I have desired and valued myself for. Unsure whether I am someone who gave up and failed, or one who has simply grown up and accepted responsibilities.

    Although I am prone to bouts of most profound isolation and depression, during this lonely time, I have gained some wisdom regarding the source of my anguish. I now realize how deeply isolated I feel from the divine source. This feeling of painful abandonment by “god” lives at the very core of my being and has manifested many a time through others, making me relive this grief.
    I now work very hard to be still and to remain peaceful, even if lonesome… as I know just how quickly I can spiral into the abyss. I want to be able to choose to be joyful.

    1. Came across your reply by accident but perhaps there are no accidents.This feeling of deep isolation from the Divine source and please don’t shoot the messenger is to a degree of your own choosing. It is the choices we make in life that make or break us, choose to follow your original blueprint and life is fine choosing what is not congruent will create blocks to your ability to receive what is in essence your Divine Right as a Divine Being. We are all the creators of our own human experience, we choose this life before birth and during this life there are plenty of opportunities to get back on track particularly if we have deviated from our path or arrive with excess Karmic baggage . A bit of Soul realignment is what you need BUT ultimately you have to make the choices to kick start the process no one can do this for you.

  3. You had me at “gastronomic nirvana”, LOL – as always, love your writing, Jeremy!

    It seems we are of the same general wavelength (pardon the egregious Neptune pun there) regarding the Saturn/Neptune square’s religious overtones…I have written at length about its tie-ins to the concept of pseudo-spirituality and cited the example of ISIS as well. I think we (collectively) have to start calling ISIS for what it is, though: A Neptunian cult. Warped ideological frameworks are not specific to any one religion and I think it to be a grave error when some attempt to categorize this as a problem specific to Islam or even to institutionalized religion as a whole. False constructs can exist anywhere in any faith at any time, organized or no. Even when our concept of spirituality is more free-flowing in nature, there are still some who would seek to misuse and twist their spirituality to be used as a kind of excuse; as a way of escaping moral/spiritual accountability – it truly is a non-denominational phenomenon, IMO. And regardless of whether one is twisting the words of the Quran, the Bible, or anything else, I see the problem as actually originating from a mis-application of โ€œspiritualityโ€; a rigid and yet warped interpretation of the (supposed) Word of ____insert-your-deity-of-choice-here____.

    I see the Orcus tie-in quite clearly now, adding subtle but remarkable shading to the situation; especially regarding the pedantic (Virgo) nature of it all. I thank you for once again sharing your keen and profound insights with us all and congratulate you on both the publication of this article in TMA & hitting your million visitor mark – be well, Jeremy, and may the New Year have wonderful things in store for you & yours!

  4. Only a million? A couple of billion people need to catch up on their ‘essential’ reading;) Myself included – like Jo, I realise I need to revisit my Kindle version of your Orcus opus. Best from Brussels my friend.

  5. Hello Jeremy,

    I recently read your book Orcus and the recent article in TMA. I have been studying up, and I noticed that in the USA chart (the Sibly chart) Orcus falls at 9.09 Virgo. The Orcus ephemeris shows Orcus coming to exactly 9.09 Virgo in December of this year, and stationing there .

    Yet, your article states that the USA Orcus return will not happen until 2019. Can you comment on this? I also see that the Moon’s North Node comes to 9 Virgo in November, and we will have a new moon eclipse at 9 Virgo on September 1st. This seems like quite a bit of activity on this degree of Virgo on the USA natal Orcus coinciding with the USA election.

    Thanks for your input,
    Barb Eaton

    1. I can only imagine that I was thinking about the return completing in 2019. June I think. But I can only speculate at this stage.
      Thanks Barb.

  6. Not sure if you’re still active on this blog Jeremy, but I was wondering if you had any advice for a transit I think is really hitting me hard. I have capricorn intercepted in my first and since pluto has been transiting through it for some time now (with still a ways to go with having some aquarius in my 1st as well) my life has gotten worse and worse. I doubt it’s all pluto, but it seems to be the most likely. Since 2008-2010 my life has gotten rough. I have a real issue with taking care of myself (financially and health), making money, career stuff, some depression, ect. I’ve always been pretty irresponsible and have always have a hard time creating good habits or being very disciplined. When I try to get on track with healthy eating, exercising, money, ect it’s like a wall is there blocking me and I always fall off the “wagon” so to speak. I’m not good at finishing anything I start as well. It’s quite frustrating tbh.

    Oddly enough my natal sun and mars are in the 6th which I thought would lend me towards being a harder worker, but so far it hasn’t. Only seems to be when I truly care about something I’m doing, but that is pretty rare so far. I’ve been lost as to career for my entire life so far and became so depressed and angry about the jobs I did have that I quit a few yrs ago when I had some money and haven’t been able to figure out what to do since.

    I’ve also been having some (from my understanding) capricorn ruled health issues with my teeth mainly. It’s all just adding up and I feel more and more depressed about it.
    I’m not good enough in astrology to know for sure what’s happening, but for reference…

    Natal: Pluto conjunct MC, conjunct saturn in Libra in my 10th. Sun conjunct mars in gemini in 6th. Also sun trine pluto. Orcus is almost on top of my venus in leo in my 7th. Pluto trine Neptune in sag in 12th.

    Transits: besides pluto.. Uranus is transiting my 3rd (Ares) and is about to cross my IC in a couple wks (hoping that does something for my career confusion maybe).Also, Saturn is transiting through my 12th in Sag. Orcus in virgo transiting my 8th (ruled by leo) right now too.

    Anyways, I hope to read your Orcus book soon as I don’t know much of anything about it so far. But, with all this pluto action I’m having I think I should since you mention it’s important for understanding pluto.

    I’d love any advice you could give me on how to better handle this pluto in my 1st. Also, I may be completely wrong as to what’s causing me so much grief so feel free to correct me if I am. I’m such an idealist dreamer which I do like, but this world isn’t exactly the best for us dreamers sadly. And I feel like I’m drowning in this world lately.

  7. I’m glad I’ve found and read your article because these Orcus opposition to Neptune have been the absolute reason that I seemed to develop an overwhelming ability to make clear insights into the solar system creation. I watched the wonders of the solar system ( I believe it was on April 25th 2011). And remember this day because Neptune has transited my Pisces descendant at 0.31deg.

    As I watched the program my mind started working very deeply about solar system creation and started probing (was also google searching obsessively). from this date until late may I became so completely immersed in figuring it all out that I suffered a bad mental burn out. I’d got told to stop thinking and talking about it by work mates because I’d became so obsessive they were worried about me.

    Well this date was on the very 1st orcus-neptune near oppositiion. It was only 0.34deg away from exact when I started to get these insights. Then the closest they came to exact was on the 26th may 2011 at 0.06deg away so almost exact and an effect felt so powerfully by me it has changed my life completely.

    My complete obbrsession with the solar system creation, the creation of planets and stars has continued and I’ve had so many insights. I was confused about why my personality has seemed to have changed so much and why have I developed this almost detective like ability where I get to spend weeks on end relentless, obsessive, compulsive beyond belief. Never quitting or giving up, the ability to just keep on going and going and going until I find what I’m looking for and the reasons I need to know.

    My brain becomes frazzled but I just can’t give up. I have to force myself to rest at times but it has become a never ending quest. Since that date April 2011 I’ve continued and is the most important thing in my life and that I’ve ever done.

    I’ve almost completely figured out all that I’ve been investigating. But there is one very important date that I now believe could be the completion and when my book can become a reality.

    On the 20th of November 2016 this is the last date of the final orcus-neptune (almost exact) opposition. 5.5 years since the first almost exact opposition. They come as close as 0.09deg, with Orcus at 9.14vi and Neptune at 9.05pi but also making an exact conjunction to the North Node 9.05pi.

    This is why I’m so glad I’ve just read your article. For whatever the reason is that Orcus has made me become so obsessed about working out the solar system and about getting my book done to share with others what I have found. I now have the date 20th Nov where for the 1st time I will be fully aware of this aspect and the affect its been having on me. And I can hopefully complete my Orcus-Neptune mission.

    P.S. my natal Orcus is at 14.59ca in a strong sextile to my 1st house Pluto at 15.16vi. And also a strong trine to my Saturn at 15.24pi.

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