The Astrology of Paul Walker’s Demise


Just recently there has been a rash of investigative astrology in relation to the untimely and unfortunate death of Paul Walker, an actor I’d not heard of, but my interest was piqued because of the comparisons made between Walker and the iconic James Dean. This prompted me to revisit Dean’s grand travail, the impeccable exploration of youthful angst that is Rebel Without a Cause.

Dean’s supremely dignified Saturn shines through, like a supernova beneath the waves, in His domicile, in His own house and it makes Dean resplendent and beautiful. What might he have become with such perfect, measured delivery. You could not fail but sit up and listen to his most casual utterance.

The comparisons with Paul Walker are, in my kind view, misguided. Dean was 24 when he died, and Walker 40. Dean was an icon in the making, a truly stellar individual with that strange and mesmerising power of attraction enjoyed by only the smallest handful of celebrity; Walker by contrast was unremarkable, if pleasant enough. Still, they shared an acting career, a Red Porsche and an undisputed tragedy.

Studies of Walker’s demise cite varying opinions about the gathering portents implied in his astrology. In my view, none of the analysis has identified the single overwhelming stormy petrel of the piece, which is the Hadean transit of Ixion to Walker’s Sun and Saturn. Surely, we could say more. Ixion makes hard contacts with Sun and Saturn natally. Orcus is precisely on the South Node, meaning that death is karmic. Isn’t all death karmic? (I hear you cry!) Yes, but some is more than others. Sometimes much more.

Ixion, Orcus and Pluto are the Hadean triumvirate. A hard contact from any of the members of this dark cabal is an event. We do not have to cloak these measures of mortality in a dread costume, but we all know to sit up and take notice when Pluto squares our Sun. Similarly, we should be equally observant when any of the Hadeans ploughs into the Solar field. The Sun is our golden thread of life after all. Any challenge to the Sun is a vital question that must be answered.

With a Sun – Saturn square, there is a challenge to life from a lack of caution. Saturn in Gemini and Sun in Virgo, both ruled by a strong Mercury flavours the brew with 3rd house themes. Natal Saturn is conjunct Memoria (funeral pyres), and opposition Sappho (close friends), and Ixion transited Sappho, squared the Sun and opposed Saturn on the day of the fatal accident. There may be other important supporting factors that contributed to the timing of Walker’s demise, and some of those have already been identified by other astrologers, but the plat principal in this tragic case, is the transit of Ixion.

Why should this be? Well for a start, Ixion is equally supreme in the realm of Hades, being a foremost inhabitant and a cautionary tale for others. His crime was that of hubris, which is always the Hadean problem, whose epithet might be ‘the normal rules don’t apply to me, because I’m special.’ If we feel that we are immortal, and this challenges our already flimsy propensity to caution then clearly we are headed for trouble. Here the hallmarks are that we make a funeral pyre as a result, alongside a close friend. The marks of Hades are so clear as to be undeniable. Ixion, alongside Orcus and Pluto is a serious business, to the extent that the astrological language needs to be redefined. These days we do not deal with Plutonian people alone, we deal with Hadeans, whose nuances, motivations and choices, alongside the uncomfortable consequences of those choices, are increasingly dimensioned. The new astrology is roaring into materiality, regardless of the reluctance of many astrologers to hear its dark, sometimes twisted symphony.

But, we cannot put the dreadful genie back in the bottle. Nor would those of us who wish to see the deeper logic of our lives wish to, because it is the Rosetta Stone of our time.

Therefore, the moral of this story is to be wary of Ixion and Orcus transits, just as you would with Pluto. These energies are already unleashed into consciousness, but we are still in denial – and nowhere more so than in the very profession that purports to promote the wisdom of the stars. The tragic demise of Paul Walker (and friend) is another tick of the countdown clock, calling time on the increasingly inadequate Pluto-only Hadean model.

Until next time.

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5 thoughts on “The Astrology of Paul Walker’s Demise

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  1. Great to hear from you, Jeremy!

    I have know idea who Paul Walker is either, so I can’t contribute on that level, however, I’ve had some time to observe the Ixion factor. Very angry/challenged/confrontational … and in my own case, self-righteous. It’s conjunct the 12th house cusp in later Libra of my natal. I’m rather devouring pomegranates and sunflower seeds as the transiting NNode arrives to this event in 7 degrees. I’ll probably be starved by then, yet sharing what little I’m worth, from a Hadean perspective.

    I’m an early cardinal cross native (Sun-Moon-Saturn-Nodes 2-8 degrees) and had wondered for a long time what it was that transiting planets set off at 20-22 degrees, later in those cardinal signs. It’s Ixion. Even Lilith can’t match my bitchitude during a transit of this point. There’s no other asteroid, star, etcetera that can explain the pure rage or reckless abandon I project then. When Saturn transited this Ixion’d 12th house cusp 2 years ago, I was wracked by a mind and body-smacking neurological condition. Precisely to the day.

    Best Regards,

  2. thanks I looked mine up and it is Libra and mars is about to cross it. Close to my rx Neptune sep. by 6 degrees.

  3. your article freaked me out a little b/c i have
    – ixion 8th house in scorpio, opposition sun, conj in pallas, trine in lilith (lilith is in house 4th in cancer) and finally opposition w pholus
    – orcus in leo in the 5th house, square in pluto, trine mean node, Quintile in Mercury


    1. Drive carefully, Ixion only gets those who believe they are special / different / untouchable 🙂

  4. Just stumbled back onto this lovely blog. I know it’s sort of silly to post on here one’s own placements but I guess it’s a way in for those of us who aren’t consulting. Nevertheless, I have Ixion and Quaoar conjunct/(combust?–nearly to the minute!) with the south node. Would agree it impacts you when you think you’re special. For me I grew up thinking I could pursue my south node without regard for the real world and came crashing down. Got onto the north node and things are ok of course. But I’m wondering how Quaoar might have impacted that… Sometimes I have thought this is a placement encouraging me not to have children.

    Also, to my delight, I’ve realised I have Orcus conjunct the IC, and Pluto/Moon conjunct the DC and Jupiter conjunct the MC. If you use Sedna I have that conjunct the Asc too, making a lovely big cross. Orcus and Ixion are really important planets. I remember Saturn going across my IC, it was pretty tough.

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