2010, there’s going to be a reckoning…

This summer sees the culmination of a seed process; one that has been under way for a fair time, one that is already visibly manifesting into concrete reality, and which will not be fully complete until 2015; crucially however, this summer will mark a crossing over, a point of no return, and the world will never be the same again once it is done with.

A bold claim? There are bold moves afoot in the heavens and these will be felt on every level of human existence, from the deeply introspective and personal to the global, and those effects are going to influence everyone alive today; it is my view that we, as a global community, have planted a dubious seed, and now it’s harvest.

The chart you  see below is the Grand Cross which reaches a critical stage of cardinality on August 1st 2010 at 13:23 UT. This is the point at which the transneptunian Hades crosses into Cancer, thus switching the configuration into full effect. This has been a long time coming of course; the Saturn – Uranus oppositions that have so characterised recent months began in November 2008 and will complete – critically – 5 days before this event; so that impasse is a done deal: Hades crosses sign, a mistake is revealed, or the full and difficult consequences of that past error are finally appreciated and the Grand Cross starts to kick off. Bear in mind that here we have a Grand Cross containing both Mars and Uranus in opposition; thus there are hasty, impulsive actions, attempts to negotiate out of a confrontational position (Mars in Libra flatters to deceive here and is oppressed by super-strong-armed Saturn in his exaltation and ruling Pluto: this is important, as we shall see.) The quality of cardinality is to attempt to run before you can walk; this pattern has recklessness, impetuosity and lack of proper planning and preparation written all over it.

Okay, let’s slow down, because this is a complicated picture, which I shall try to describe in more detail. We have a grand cross formed from (Jupiter + Uranus + Hebe) squaring (Minerva + Hades + Kronos + Isis) squaring (Saturn + Mars + Lilith + Panacea) squaring Pluto. Trust me when I tell you that it’s not easy to decipher.

And too this is going to work at two levels. If like me (and Noel Tyl, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Derek Jacobi, Sissy Spacek) you have the four angles of your chart on the four Aries’ Points of the chart then you’re probably in for a hell of ride. You can join that club too if you’re experiencing your Saturn return, Uranus half-return or Pluto square in the next few months, and too, you really ought to take serious notice if you have important planets on or near any of these Cardinal hotspots or indeed within a degree or so of 15° of the fixed signs. If any of these conditions are true, then this Grand Cross is not going to be particularly abstract for you: indeed, it’s going to get very personal. I can explain how it’s likely to affect you if you fall into this category (and I shall in a future article), and actually, you’ll already be feeling the effects, probably quite intensely.

On the other hand, even if you’re not in the target group, due to the inherent weight of energies of these major patterns in the stars and the crucial observation that the Cardinal points by their very nature have global reach, you’re still going to be affected. Rather synchronously too, this event is all about the in group and the out group as we shall see.

Now we already understand that the Cardinal Cross is about impetuosity, about precipitate action, about plans which haven’t been thought through properly, but in this particular configuration, Saturn is the real powerhouse and he is running the show; he is in his exaltation, triplicity and term, while Mars is struggling to stand up and be counted; this suggests to me that negotiation and compromise is the favoured strategy; Saturn lends caution and restraint, diplomacy is the order of the day, but really, the situation demands action; this Cross has a feeling of too little, too late about it.

Let’s break it down. Jupiter, Uranus and Hebe ruled by and opposed by a Mars that is forced into a compromise position says that the subservient group (those not in power) is pushing for action; people want something done – Hebe on the Aries Point puts the working man (and woman) in the spotlight, while Uranus is pushing for a change, it’s volatile. Jupiter wants equity and fairness but Saturn is opposed; the authorities, the law-makers are resistant.

Then we have Minerva, Hades, Kronos and Isis squaring this position. Here then we have a cacophony of contradictory expert opinions about how to fix the problem, strategies are devised, but nobody knows what to do, who to believe? Do we believe the government, our religious leaders, philosophers and legal experts or do we just look out for ourselves? Remember we have a Grand Cross, whichever direction you take, all you’ll achieve is to create an imbalance.

Now there’s Saturn, Mars, Lilith and Panacea; and here we have passive-aggressive diplomatic efforts that are tasked with trying to find compromises and solutions, but with a hidden agenda (Mars in Libra is manipulative, not necessarily dishonest, but it can’t get what it wants by asking for it outright, so it charms, it flatters, it gets you into its way of mind) and with Lilith there are choices being made about who to save and who to sacrifice. And despite the fact that Libra is involved, don’t expect it to be women and children first while the men stalwartly smoke cigars and the string quartet plays on.

And then finally we have Pluto, sitting menacingly in the shadows and pulling the strings, but crucially he is under Saturn’s influence, vying for his customary control but having to take the Capricorn perspective into consideration.

Now, consider the polarities alongside the rulerships. Pluto is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn, so the aggressive diplomacy, deal-brokering and compromise of the government is a cover for the real people who are running the show: big business. The Hadean mistake that opposes this is in Cancer, so the problem relates to property, and with Pluto, property loans, mortgages, credit obtained against the value of real-estate. We’ve seen this dynamic over the last couple of years plain as day in the so called credit (Pluto) crunch (square Saturn), but this Cardinal Cross is the crisis point because the financial experts (Kronos) made a big mistake (Hades) and now the piper has to be paid. Jupiter is retrograde and opposed by Saturn/Lilith, I’d say this means that the ordinary people are the ones that lose out; contracts get broken, confidence collapses and everyone starts to realise just how big (Jupiter) the mistake (Hades) is. I’m no financial expert (hey, I’m a full time astrologer!) but what I see here is that there is an enormous financial hullabaloo due to a property collapse (Cancer/Capricorn), and it’s going to be a deeply unchivalrous fight for survival (Aries/Libra). I see correlations everywhere. Hades conjunct Minerva squaring Lilith suggests strategies that are purposefully designed to save some at the expense of others. It’s an updated class war, a Marxist historian’s perspective writ large, where the ‘ordinary man’ is sacrificed to ensure the survival of a privileged élite.

I also think it’s significant that Pluto is in Capricorn because the Pluto in Virgo generation is switching into the easy power dynamic of the Pluto trine; the reins of power are being handed over by the Pluto in Leo generation so the agenda has changed. Pluto destroys what it values the most, often as a reaction against the preceding generation’s dynamic: Pluto in Cancer destroyed the family: refrigeration freed women from the kitchen so they could go out to work for the first time while the men fought nationalistic wars. I wrote about this in some detail in a previous article if you want to follow that logic further, but crucially the Pluto in Virgo generation are getting a big push in the direction of manifesting their agenda with this configuration. There will ultimately be a levelling: that’s the Plutonic agenda, Virgo wants us all to be equal, not because, like Libra, it values harmony, but because of inverted modesty: it’s the equality of the socialist, the trades unionist, the proletarian.

We live in a world of dwindling resources and increasing appetites. A miniscule minority live like Emperors while a desperate and precarious majority scrabble their way from one day to the next. The danger for the Virgo generation is that in wanting to fix the inequality of its forbears, it uncovers a problem which cannot be solved. There isn’t enough to go round, no matter how you cut it up, analyse it, quantify it. But better, says Pluto in Virgo, that we’re all peasants together, subsisting in a Stalinist dystopia than we have to suffer aristocrats, plutocrats and kings.

Now if you think this is off the mark, then read this BBC column and see how it’s steeped in Virgoese (it’s just two days old, and Obama has Saturn within minutes of the eclipse point of January 15th: the cogs are clicking into place and it’s happening right now. He’s not so much the leader of the free world as it’s accountant.) So yes, there will be a reckoning, but the die-hards of the old-guard are going to go down fighting, they’ll take no prisoners and ask no quarter, but when the dust finally settles, the world will look different. Will it be better?

Not for a while.

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  1. Hey Jeremy are learners welcome as well as practisers?

    I’ve got the aforementioned shenanigans going on at the four corners of my chart and it’d be great if I could hang here for a while and imbibe. I like the way you rationalise.

    I’ve been thinking/reading about Hegel and Marx and their eras recently and due to my natal uranus conjunct sun in libra being tweaked at the moment by the astro mentioned above I’ve been able to really feel the chartist/luddite spirit pulsing in my veins. I’m certain we’re reaching capitalism’s climax.

    I was considering food shortages in particular – would it be ceres I would look at to see food related issues?

    Interesting you mention all this the day a new island is being born off the coast of Japan. Hades ahoy.

    1. Even learners are just practising. We never stop right?

      I think that capitalism is on the way out too, have thought it for a long time and I just wish that more people would see through the illusion of money. They’re calling it “Quantitative Easing” these days, but what it essentially means is that the central banks ‘make up’ more money which they then lend to the ‘great unwashed’ at exorbitant rates of interest. It’s a complete illusion, and we’re all enslaved by it. There’s enough wealth in the world for us all to live, just not like kings.

      There are a number of combinations that might suggest food shortages. Ceres/Saturn for one, Moon/Saturn, Saturn in Cancer or the 4th, Hades represents a deterioration, in Cancer with food, square Jupiter – it’s not plentiful enough, square Saturn – there’s a supply restriction, opposing Pluto, in Capricorn, it’s being controlled by the people at the top.

      Ceres does join the fray during May of this year, so I imagine there will be stories relating to food resources at that time.

      I didn’t see the story about the island, but I did notice today that Hubble just took new pictures of Pluto. Eek!

  2. I suspect that I am in the category of people that will be profoundly effected by these upcoming transits. First, I am in the Pluto in Virgo generation– 24 degrees. I currently have transiting Uranus opposing Pluto right now– AND transiting Pluto squaring Uranus– AND transiting Saturn conjuncting Uranus. It’s intense.

    1. wow, another one of you. I have a friend born 12/66, the configuration you describe is on her Midheaven/Nadir, squaring her Sun in 1st house. She was diagnosed with a “very strange form” of breast cancer in November, just had a mastectomy, and they were not able to get all of the cancer. Trial by fire is an understatement. I hope the outcome of your transits is positive.

    1. Well, I just think we’re not supposed to see Pluto. Only the dead got to see him, that makes it feel very wrong to me :/

  3. Jeremy..thanks for hooking up with me on the blog, I am honored. Your description of rigid structure and the God’s humor fits right in with my favorite quote: Man plans, God laughs. Great article by the way..

  4. I have a son who turns 13 on 6/24. His Sun/Merc is 3 Cancer, his Midheaven is 1 Cancer, his Asc. is 1 Libra. He also has Mars at 3 Libra. 2 years ago I saw the upcoming configuration (cardinal cross) and it kept me up every night for 6 months, worrying. I knew the parental axis was involved, I just didn’t know *which* parent. Turns out it was Dad- who was diagnosed with ALS, very advanced, in September. You can bet, however, that when Mars reaches Libra, I intend to tie my kid up and keep him at home with a helmet on his head for a good month. He wants to join soccer; I laugh out loud at the concept. He wants to go to the skateboard park, too bad, for that month he’ll be kidnapped and held for ransom by me; the fates will have to pay my price to reach him. His Moon is 27 Aquarius; there are times when I’m very grateful to be an astrologer, and this is one of them. I don’t believe that “fate” won’t find him if there are events outside of his father’s terrible disease meant to find him, but I’ll be damned if I’ll make it easy.

  5. Hi all,

    Lets see who is in the worst off here.

    I think I am vying for the top prize – I have Sun, Moon and Mercury all in the first 3 degrees of Cancer, all of that squareing Pluto and Uranus natally. Midheaven is 29 Pisces. Beauty! My husband is a double Libra what happy chappies we are about to become!
    But, no matter how scary all of this sounds, and it surely does, what can we individuals do…Not much, I am afraid, so no point worrying about something we cannot change. I don’t have the house big enough to stockpile food, don’t have a piece of fertile land, only a few measly terracota pots with some wilted basil and mint in them. That will really keep us going for long…
    I worry the most about my parents as my Pluto square to my personal triad comes from the fourth house. But again, what can I do…sigh….
    Hey, imagine the children born on days around the grand cross on cardinal points, I wonder how they might manifest this cheerful party…

  6. I know some solutions but they are challenging ones. And they address only some issues.

    Permaculture/ Local communities and ecovillages /Self-sufficiency/ Earthship houses are a excellent possibilities for improving the food and the environmental issues. But this cannot be applied to everyone. And it requires money and some work.

    I think this cardinal is a great crises that will stir many into a completely new direction, just like it happened when Uranus transited Aries in the 1930s, the 1840s (Marx time) or during the 1770s (American Revolution). And there is a pattern of revolution. If this hold, the US and Europe will have a new revolutions by 2028. Of course, much will happen until then.

    There is a new direction. And this time it should be a BIG one, because of the Grand Cross at 0º Aries. Global depression, volcanic eruptions, pandemic flu, civil unrest, there is SO much around!

    What do you all think?

  7. So … among all this, is there any good news?

    This is part of a “homework” assignment from my mom. I showed her all the collective Pluto transits over the next few years for various family members. She is completely new to astrology, but asked a wise question after I explained that astrology isn’t only about Pluto, which was, “So now tell me what GOOD things may happen?” And I wondered, in your analysis, did you see anything supportive peaking through, like a ray of sun in the middle of the storm clouds?

    ~ Christie

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