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Today Saturn crosses my Ascendant and not a moment too soon, I haven’t known whether I’m on foot or horseback for as long as I can remember, and with that transition out of the 12th, well, I feel like a prisoner on release day.

I’ve been working very hard on two projects over the last few months: the first is my book which is progressing very well, although the pressure of work keeps me more distracted from that worthy enterprise than I would like. I have made a very intense study of the minor asteroids over the last days and weeks, and I am at a point where they are creating a very useful narrative, especially for those seeking more subtle insights into their inner drives and in using self-awareness to foster self-improvement.

It is for this reason that I am now able to offer a new Asteroids Report through my Astrology Hour service. I would generally recommend this for those people who have already used my services for their broader nativity, but so long as you are comfortable with your major themes, then I believe it will be extremely useful.

Of course, I cannot and would not attempt to look at the asteroids in isolation, it will still key into the major raison d’etre of your nativity, so in a very real sense, it is a fine-tuning process, a way of adding detail, colour and texture to the broad strokes of your astrological perspective.

If you would be interested, the report will be (as per my normal approach) a hand-written discussion of the themes and ramifications of the asteroids in your nativity, and will vary in length, but I would aim to write around 3000 words in the final document and you can email me directly with any questions, or alternatively, just jump right in and make your order at Astrology Hour.

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