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I have today completed work on the first lesson for my astrological course which I have been contemplating for some time. My own methods have been developed from a base which I learned at an early age from my own grandfather but which have of course evolved considerably in keeping with the development in astrological theory and the experience of many years of working in astrological practice.

I am also in a position to once again offer an interpretation and counseling service. Both of these aims are catered for on my new web-site Astrology Hour, please do take a look, and I hope that many of the readers of this journal will sign up for the first lesson. The lessons are being designed to focus on a specific topic whilst conveying the core methodology that I have developed over the years and they are an opportunity to work with me on specific themes and case studies and learn the approaches that I utilise in my daily work.

The first lesson is designed for intermediate astrologers: I would say that if you are comfortable with the level of insight required to read this journal then you should be well-equipped to participate. If you are interested and would like to be involved then please go here and try the first lesson. There is a £10 fee for each lesson which simply covers my time spent responding to your comments, questions and answers and ensuring that all aspects of the topic in hand are understood: this takes the form of an email discussion, one to one.

I will be adding further lessons in the near future, focusing on a wide range of topics, so hopefully there will soon be something available for everyone and if anyone has any queries about the lessons please send along an email and I will respond promptly.

I very much look forward to working with you.

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  1. Aw, it means that it is totally over my head, since I rarely understand anything here 😀

    Still, remaining a fan 🙂

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