Medical Astrology and the Cascade Effect

Medical astrology is a vast and complex study and it would take a lifetime of work to become truly proficient in just this one area of specialisation. I personally claim no great expertise although invariably, if presented with a symptom it is often quite clear in the astrology how that condition has come to manifest. This then clarifies the single most profound truth about the astrologic expression of physical symptoms, that in its genesis, all disease, dysfunction and disability is entirely psychic.

If you wish therefore to understand only one objective reality about medical astrology, then understand this. Any physical symptom is simply an expression of the astrology at the level of last resort. That psychic impetus that you have not manifested at some level higher-up in the totality of your awareness has – left with no viable alternative – found its way out into the body, and that is the cause of your symptom. Now, you might argue that you did not decide to drink the lead-poisoned water and that it was all the wicked power-company’s fault, but really, you did decide to drink it, because it was an esoteric response to a profound unconscious requirement that you apprehend some vanishingly precise and unique expression of human experience and the only way you could manage it was to move into an area where the water was poisoned by an unscrupulous corporate entity. Thus, even an event as shocking and tragic as a killing has a psychic prerequisite; the all-encompassing totality of the Universal mechanism demands that the most insignificant cog turns to the single point in all possibility until the greater arc of fate is aligned and something profound, improbable and often astoundingly difficult comes to pass. There is no sense once you have grasped this reality that the Universe is arbitrary (or as Byron would have it, the gods are cruel), nor is this mechanism as heartless as a mere machine, because the ghost in the machine is entirely compassionate; but, all this aside, the mechanism is implacable, so you cannot fight it.

This, in the astrology, is the cascade effect, which is my own description of it. A single planetary placement evinces a myriad array of vibrational tones, all completely harmonious one with the other, and yet, to the untrained eye, all separate and disconnected. The astrologer sees those gossamer thin filaments that are entirely interconnective however; from the rarefied realms of the peak objective meditational experience, to the most uncomfortable of physical pains, all are contained within the polarities, wellsprings and event-horizons of astrologic placements. Saturn in Aries contains the potentiality to find a profound solace in going to the mountain, in being at one with the forest and the stream, in testing oneself in the most extreme and rigorous environment, whilst it also contains the same potential for headache. There is no dichotomy. By the same token a Moon Venus contact speaks to the joie-de-vivre, intensity in the emotional life and an ability to instinctively appreciate the artistic, and then too, it has a profound correspondence with menstruation too. Again, no dichotomy. Mars Neptune contacts speak to the principle of self-sabotaging actions, narcotics, abstemiousness and sudden inspirations, but also to the sudden discharge of  bodily fluids, which may or may not make you shudder (Mars: sudden and explosive, Neptune: fluids).

For practical purposes therefore when we are looking at the astrology we are really only feeling for the glyph, and once we have apprehended it we can choose to resonate at any of those levels of that need for self-expression, from the sublime, to the very mundane; and we can talk about god or we can talk about what these symptoms are trying to say; but the key realisation is that at some level, it is a failure of the expression of god that has manifested into physicality. Does that begin to make sense? If it does, then you are really onto something.

This then is the most fundamental realisation that you can possibly come to when you are apprehending the concept of a medical astrology. It is not in any way separate from the ‘everything else’ of astrology, merely another flickering flame on the spectrum of the polarity. Or as Alan Watts might somewhat have termed it, another aperture through which the Universe shines its light. This then is the initiating philosophy of a medical astrology, without which you cannot even begin to help another human being.

On Tuesday I will write about the practical diagnostic tools that are to be found in the astrology and after that I will explore some intriguing case studies with the objective of expounding a practical methodology for the astrologer to follow in his or her daily work.

Until then, be well!

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  3. Great article! Very original overview of the basic theory behind medical astrology, I have never read anything quite like it. It is a new paradigm, at least it is for me, and I do read quite a lot of astrology.

    Beautifully written, as always, (although I will need to re-read it about four more times to catch all the nuances, at least I have grasped the main point). I am really enjoying hearing your theories, concepts, constructs, paradigms, typologies, etc, on medical astrology because I can’t get enough of that field. I do hope you write a book on medical astrology!

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