Debunking the debunkers: why linear thinking fails!

Gordon Brownʼs probable orbit (the PM is transplutonian)
Gordon Brownʼs probable orbit (the PM is transplutonian)

The biggest hurdle to linear thinkers where the subject of astrology is concerned is the problematical relationship of ‘size and distance’ to ‘power and influence’. Hence (the argument goes) how can Pluto have any effect on my life when it is smaller than the Moon and vastly further away? They might be willing to accept that the Moon has some effect, simply through size and proximity, but Pluto? No. Too small, too far, don’t be ridiculous! (They say.)

This type of thinking is painfully prevalent and woefully weak all at once.

Not Trevor...
Not Trevor…

There is a chap called Trevor who lives a few doors away from me about 100 metres down the road, I have never spoken to him, except to say hello, know almost nothing about him and he affects my life in no way whatsoever. He is about six feet four and has a droopy moustache; he looks a little like Vercingetorix (to me anyhow).

On the other hand, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain lives in London, 10 Downing Street, which is 74.5 km from my door. He is five feet 11.

Despite being 5 inches shorter than Trevor and living 745 times further away from me, Gordon has an enormous effect on my life compared to Trevor. He makes decisions that piss me off all the time.

Conclusion? Power and influence is not a function of either size or proximity. Get over it.

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