Those Elusive Trans-Neptunians…

Uranian astrology is an interesting study. I have always been a big fan of Ebertin’s Cosmobiology ever since I read my grandfather’s copy of “The Combination of Stellar Influences”, which my decidedly odd adolescent brain found to be strangely compelling and to this day I find Ebertin’s delineations to be among the best. Of course Ebertin rejected Witte’s hypothesis of the Transneptunians, but I find them to be startlingly accurate, certainly if isolated for examination using the Cazimi method.

Take Apollon, associated with Hermes Trismegistus and thus the alchemist and the Magician card of the Tarot deck. I find one case of Cazimi Apollon in my files: that of David Copperfield, the… magician.

Or how about Cupido, named of course for that rather delightfully chubby cherub of sniping renown? Is it any suprise at all that the world’s foremost and most prolific author of bad romantic fiction, Barbara Cartland has a Cazimi Cupido?

Then there is Vulcanus, which is associated with a kind of steamy, yet decidedly “mighty force.” It creates an ‘irresistibility’ and a rather compelling quality. Marilyn Monroe had Cazimi Vulcanus in delightfully flighty Gemini on the cusp of the 11th, the house where we require the adulation of the world.

What about Hades, associated with crime and deviancy? This was found Cazimi in the chart of Martin Bryant, who indiscriminately gunned down 35 innocent bystanders with a high-powered rifle in the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in 1996. He is currently serving 35 life sentences in Hobart’s Risdon prison. Intriguingly, his chart also evidences a partile conjunction of Poseidon with Mars, which may serve to spiritualise violence as a form of natural justice (in Libra).

There are so many cases that I am uneasy about dismissing out of hand the relevance of transneptunians. Even in general interpretation, I often find it useful to identify the placement of Vulcanus particularly by house (It moves too slowly to be very relevant otherwise) to identify in which domain of life the native may demonstrate transcendent and unmatched energy. This too can be insightful, especially where Vulcanus is in peregrine:

  • Venus Williams, Vulcanus peregrine on the Midheaven.
  • Yehudi Menuhin with Vulcanus Peregrine in the 5th house of creativity.
  • William Morris the Victorian designer, with Vulcanus Peregrine in the 4th house of the home!

I do not personally advocate using the transneptunians in everyday astrology, but if you should find a Cazimi or peregrine placement, then you may be well-advised to look more closely.

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  1. Hi, I use the “Great Eight” all the time! I simply add them to the chart and do my regular analysis. Many astrolgoers would disapprove, however, I can point to where Martha Lang-Wescott does so, at least in my opinion (she can speak for herself regarding her outstanding books). I have had enormous success and insight using the TNPs. I don’t use Uranian astrology, just run-of-the-mill Western astrology. Thanks for the post…

      1. Thanx. I do trust and use the TNPs in every chart. But then, I use all those asteroids…. And have had a successful practice for many years. Maybe I’m on to something. 😉

    1. a stellium is three or more planets close together in a sign. Suggesting that one has had a lot of experience there already and other houses may be needing more attention.

  2. This was such a good read. I too find the TNP fit in the developing story. This was so good. It wasn t the long read most give full of impersonal info. I felt you telling it.
    great! I felt all of them in the story. Its us as humans. I just did cupido today in research thro the charts I have. In conj. with other TNP s. Only now I m not sure if the cupido is Uranian or asteroid. One more connected with family I hear.

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