Black Moon Rising

The execution of Lady Jane Grey

Of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, it is told
(The witch he loved before the gift of Eve,)
That, ere the snake’s, her sweet tongue could deceive,
And her enchanted hair was the first gold.

And still she sits, young while the earth is old,
And, subtly of herself contemplative,
Draws men to watch the bright web she can weave,
Till heart and body and life are in its hold.

The rose and poppy are her flower; for where
Is he not found, O Lilith, whom shed scent
And soft-shed kisses and soft sleep shall snare?
Lo! as that youth’s eyes burned at thine, so went
Thy spell through him, and left his straight neck bent
And round his heart one strangling golden hair.

The Black Moon, as Lilith is called is little used and little known in astrology, and even where she is known she is little understood. This poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, more famed for his collaboration with Holman-Hunt and the pre-Raphaelite movement than his poetry, but undoubtedly a true Renaissance Man, hints at Lilith’s narcotic power. Evidently, according to Rosetti, Lilith has a primal allure, an ability to mesmerise, to enthral and ultimately to enslave. There is more than a hint of self-deception in the dark wiles of Lilith, a beckoning to deluded oblivion. She appears to take away men’s mind’s, their rational, objective selves, and lead them upon a journey to self-destruction and despair. A true black sorceress then, Lilith, we infer, has echoes of narcissism and compulsion in her drowsy refrain, and she might be safely discarded as a colourful – if bewitching – footnote in the astrology, if it were not for the very frightening frequency with which Lilith is found to be significant in the configurations of murderers, psychopaths and those who commit heinous acts quite beyond the ken of humanity at large.

Lilith, painting by John Collier (1892)Take the cases of Lyle and Eric Menendez, brothers who gunned down their parents and proceeded to spend $1 million of their inheritance within weeks of the killings; both brothers, despite having very few similarities in their charts, one with Taurus and the other Virgo rising, have the Black Moon rising within 4 degrees of the Ascendant. Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper who killed 13 prostitutes in the late 1970s; or Jimmy Hoffa; all had Black Moon rising conjunct the Ascendant. Mark Chapman Jones, the man who gunned down John Lennon in the autumn of 1980 also had Lilith rising.

In women’s nativities, it provokes an entirely different sense. Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam, undone by sex-scandals and imprisoned has Lilith rising; as did Christine Keeler, the spy and prostitute who brought down the British government in 1963 after the “Profumo affair” was exposed. Women who switch on, or give way to the bewitching powers of Lilith are certainly playing with fire, whilst those who remain resistant to her call to deviltry are arguably less well-treated; as in the case of the tragic, short life of Jane Grey, Protestant queen of England for 9 days who was beheaded in the Tower of London as a result of political intrigue and power-mongering by those entrusted with her care. Her death, one of the most despicable and horrific acts of regicide ever to have occurred in human history, is by and large a footnote in our history books, but such is Lilith’s power, she obscures, creates confusion and tragedy and bewitches men’s minds with deluded dreams of lust and power. There is not much of good to report on poor Jane’s life, even her mother sought to “harden the child with regular beatings”. Jane said of her childhood: “For when I am in the presence of either Father or Mother, whether I speak, keep silence, sit, stand or go, eat, drink, be merry or sad, be sewing, playing, dancing, or doing anything else, I must do it as it were in such weight, measure and number, even so perfectly as God made the world; or else I am so sharply taunted, so cruelly threatened, yea presently sometimes with pinches, nips and bobs and other ways … that I think myself in hell.” At her death, aged just 16, the executioner asked her forgiveness, and she gave it.

This does not mean that Lilith cannot be profitably employed. Consider the master of horror, Vincent Price, with Lilith tightly conjunct his Sagittarius Midheaven and peregrine! Any unaspected energy point in the astrology can be given enormous power, it may run away with the whole chart under certain conditions; perhaps by transit or progression, and the conjunction for price, in an otherwise untenanted 10th, was too good an opportunity to miss. He built a formidable career playing sorcerers warlocks, murderers and monsters of various dimensions and motivations and he demonstrated perhaps the only manner in which it might be considered safe to listen to Lilith’s entreaties: for the improvement of the dramatis personæ.

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  1. Wow. I’m a female with the black moon rising in Pisces. Am I right to read that resisting Lilith’s subversive urges will end badly and embracing them could be equally unfortunate?

  2. Good question Aello, I would say that providing you are aware of Lilith’s potential to make mischief then you should be able to use her power. Plenty do. Liz Greene for one has BML rising, as does Gene Wilder, you just need to ensure that you are not under her spell, or even that you are ‘hypnotising’ anyone else, because I believe that she does give a certain mesmeric power.

    Do you have that effect on people at all?

  3. Phew, that’s a relief (more or less). Now you mention it, sometimes I sense that certain people are somewhat… infatuated (?) with me. Just random people projecting some ideal or fantasy – a friend or two and former workmate spring to mind – but basically, giving me more credit than I deserve. Mostly I just ignore any weirdness and try to maintain the boundaries of the relationship. As an astrology student, I had suspected it was to do with my prominent Neptune, sitting as he does at the top of my chart… Now I have the influence of BML to consider as well. Timely, though, because I am excited to be attending a workshop on BML this weekend, followed by a 2-day circle in September. Seems BML is mesmerising me!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  4. I should add that the effect of Neptune you mention would be more likely to make your relationships weird if descending (or rising I guess). I would say that Lilith is working her spell through you. That is fine of course, but it is a dangerous energy as you are probably aware, so use it mindfully right?

  5. Today I learnt more about the Black Moon as a symbol of repressed feminine power and how it operates in a chart both positively and negatively.

    In Pisces it points to the potential for disillusionment and sadness but also the pursuit of goddess-centred spirituality – both resonate with me. In the 1st, emphasised by ASC conjunction, there is a need for independence and a refusal to accept male authority. I feel I’m doing a good job of integrating the positive aspects of the Black Moon into my life/self – an awareness of her dark side helps.

  6. Hi everyone,
    I have read this poem and your threads. I found this page after googling “Pisces (which i am) and Succubus (which i believe i have encountered).
    I have been searching for any sort of recognition of feasibility for the existence previous circumstances such as mine, and this poem has spoken incredibly to me, and offered incredible insight to my findings.

    I am a 22 year old male. High aspirations, and a typical healthy good looking guy. As of a year ago, I have been gaining (at first) the interest of several women who should have no reason to be interested in me. One of them being an executive class diplomat in her 50’s, a pediatrician in her 40’s, and the girl whom I’ve fallen in love with, a sculptor who is my age.

    The coincidental differences between the women as they pertain to my life and personality are astounding, especially because I met them all in the same month, March of 2008, i had just turned 21.

    In Rossetti’s poem, he writes:

    “Draws men to watch the bright web she can weave,
    Till heart and body and life are in its hold.”

    I believe the succubus looming over me has come in the form of Lilith, riding the Black Moon into my life. She is drawing me into a web of deceit that is extremely hypnotizing.

    Here’s why:
    The eldest of the women I (as despicable as it may be) soon realized to be a very good aid to my career and life goals.
    A benefactor, patroness, etc. My relations with her have stroked my ego, and tended brilliantly to my needs to always feel the constant advancement of my career and life goals. Being an executive diplomat, I am sure you can understand what kind of advantages come with a relationship with her.
    She is Lilith coming to snare my “life”.

    The Pediatrician is another story. I could best describe her now almost as drawn up by my sexual imagination. She pushes me to strange, and taboo debaucheries that thrill me like no drugs ever could. She is Lilith coming to snare my “body”.

    Now, the sculptor who is half the age of the other two women is truly the only person i could ever consider explaining what is going on right now (and the things that I am writing), and have faith in her love for me that she would try with all of her heart to understand and to help me. I love her like I love my dreams and family. She is the nurturing light that I need to guide my poor Black Moon stricken soul.
    It even hurts to write of my painful suspicion that she is Lilith, coming to snare my heart.

    It is all so blinding and confusing. I’ve tried since the beginning of Spring to make sense of what happened to me last year, and I can’t explain it, because I am still caught in this web. I can’t break free, but I feel as though I may be able to find an answer.

    Can anybody help me?

  7. Like with all Black Moon Lilith experiences John, to a certain extent we must allow our own descent into the “abyss” otherwise we will not be able to piece unconscious parts of ourseves together as one.

    I have known of some people descending into Lilith’s relational experiences several times over John. In each case, the same relationship outcomes have occurred. Some may call this learning the same “mistake” over and over however perhaps its a journey to know the unknowable intimacies of self.

    Sometimes there is no other way John.


  8. Any thoughts on Black Moon Lilith in synastry? I’ve just realised that a man I’ve been fixated on for a while now has Lilith exactly conjunct my Moon.

  9. One has to feel sorry for Lilith to be honest. Here she is the first wife of Adam who refuses to be put “under him” considering herself an equal, and for that she is chastsized. Like the old theory that a man can be as sexually active as he chooses with no consequence, but if a woman was to do it, she’s a slut (for lack of a better word). Let us not forget that Lilith was an angel first who stuck up for herself. Her powers to strengthen women are only now becoming realizations. I’m proud to BML, why wouldn’t I be?

  10. I always thought that the Asteroid Lilith was the same as BML. Until recently, I also discovered that my Natal *BML* is CONJUNCT (1 deg orb) my Libra Rising spon on my 1st HOUSE cusp!!
    I always had a way with crowds from a young age although I could be painfully shy (being a triple Pisces).
    The myth of Lilith has always fascinated & scared me at the same time.
    Thanks for this blog, very informative!! XO.

  11. which Lilith should be considered? I have Asteroid Lilith in the 12th, 3 degrees from my AC..does that count?
    The Black Moon Apogee is in my 1st house, though.
    I have had a really shitty life, although a lot of people have told me it is my fault, so dunno what to say.

  12. My daughter was conceived during luna moon passing… which is the lilth moon. My Lilth is Sag rising and I was in two relationships one with a guy in Sag and on with Capricorn. its amazing how she was conceived during this time of moon passing.

  13. Cheers for the post. I recalled being told during a reading way back that I had Black Moon Lilith conjunct my Ascendant (Libra), and that it meant a certain intensity was always there. Reading more on it, it may explain why I get accused of glaring when I’m only innocently staring into space. Or of being the most “troubled” or “disruptive” member of my family (when really, I’m the only one who doesn’t like hiding or ignoring our manifold dysfunctions). Also possibly why I found myself most recently being cast (AND cast out) as “the other woman” after an emotional affair that I thought was just me counseling a friend through a major life change (a sexual reassignment, to be specific). I don’t LIKE being accused of all these things, because I think I’m just being helpful, and moreover being myself! Thanks for the perspective. Maybe I’ll take up acting and try to “channel” all that undesired troublesome Lilith energy for entertainment purposes only…

  14. Love the posts here on Lilith! BML in 12th house Scorpio here, conjunct the AC within two degrees or so(counts as BML rising?). Tremendous value put on sincerity, mutual respect and equality. A pretty considerate type, but definitely uncompromising and cannot be persuaded otherwise in personal values and principles. When unjustly pushed too far, will become spiteful, vengeful. Would personally sacrifice to have the other person suffer too. Capable of doing something drastic enough to astound others. Notorious black sheep of the family. Men were always inexplicably drawn to me. They describe the experience as “being under a spell,” “hypnotized,” “love at first sight,”.. and all that good stuff. Definitely a certain ability to mesmerize and/or persuade.

    Deeply in love with my Lilith. She was always with me from the beginning. Misunderstood, abused and very alone. But I see her rising indeed and coming into her power. So I’m trying to express this energy in creative and positive ways. Thrilled to learn that Liz Greene shares an aspect with me!

  15. I am always interested in hearing more about Black Moon Lilith. I have BML & Algol (Medusa), within minutes of my natal Sun, as well as Venus & Mars on the descendant within 10 degrees of the three of them. It’s a lot of intense female energy, some very dark & with great potential for danger. In addition, I have what in palmistry is called a “murderers thumb” and is related to a potential for violence. I have made a conscious choice to work very hard to have a balanced & peaceful spiritual environment & lifestyle. I live in a place that has positive, yet intense Chirotic energy for me, I have been a healer for almost 40 years (& now am actually a CHIROpractor! lol!) The aspects of the current Chiron transit with my natal chart have been creating quite an awakening for me with regard to that part of my life.

    With relation to BML, on the rare occasion that I am threatened with violence there seems to be a creature that is awakened and will take self-defense to whatever extreme necessary in order to ensure self preservation. I have experienced many intense situations with men and am aware of having something like a supernatural power over them if I choose to use it (I try not to because it doesn’t feel like I am playing fair & I want them operating under their own volition) The Algol influence brings extra violence which I usually have been able to diffuse with reason or retreat before the violent tendencies get out of control. But when reason & retreat fails these dark female energies, I now call the “Dark Sisters”, show up to sort things out. I do my best to give fair warning to the individuals who trigger these characteristics with their violence & ignorance, because honestly they have no idea what they are instigating. But there is only so much I can do for them once they have awakened the wrath of these 2 powerhouses of female vengeance. It’s definitely a distinct shadow self, because in everyday peaceful life I’m as easy going as can be and anyone who has ever seen me go through this transformation has described it almost as a shape-shift effect because I truly am no longer the person they know. I had no explanation for this part of my personality for decades, until I learned about BML & Algol & their position and influences in my natal chart. Some may consider it scary or depressing because it is quite dark, but I’ve found it empowering to become aware of the influences at the source of my shadow self. It’s easier to control a force that is understood and accepted than one that is not.

  16. Heya. Nice blog, and nice post. I have black moon Lilith on my Asc, so I really found this interesting. And I must tell you, almost every person I speak with gets funny, and then they make me funny feelin’, and then it gets so weird. Because I don’t even think about my charisma, I rarely use it on purpose, only in party photos, lol. So, almost every man and every woman, in all ages. Some few women don’t notice it, or they don’t get intimidated. And for those men that don’t enjoy it they are quick to go elsewhere, do you think they are afraid of losing power, and also, some of them men sees me as disgusting because of it?

  17. I have Peregrine True Lilith on my 3rd house in Pisces. I also have Pallas in 3rd and I am sag rising and neptune conjunct jupiter in first house, which is also Peregrine. And my Pluto in 10th house Libra also Peregrine.

  18. Interesting post. I do think it’s a bit heavy and depressing. Surely there must be examples of more successful people with BML rising? I have both BML and Uranus conjunct my AC in Scorpio (3rd decan) with a 1 degree orb.

    I have been a victim of violence including sexual violence several times throughout my life. I am very cautious and stay at home often because of it. Even with no makeup on and dumpy clothes and not in very good shape, I tend to attract men. It is frightening some times whether most of them mean well or not.

    I have been completely abandoned by my fundamental religious family who see me as the worst person imaginable. They also think I am an evil genius that masterminds plots or whatnot. While my IQ does test high and many have told me that I am smart, I don’t wish ill on anyone. That’s just nonsense fearmongering religious BS.

    I can be a sex machine or I can be celibate for long periods of time if there is not what I consider a worthy partner. I have had quite a few past boyfriends tell me, and it seemed quite sincere, that I was the best lover or most attentive lover they had ever had. I’ve had boyfriends from years ago contact me and tell me that. That no one ever compared to me. Beyond the physical, that I inspired them to be better people and follow their dreams. I am happy I had a positive effect.

    I have an extreme passionate intensity in everything I do. I am still searching for my true calling in life after going to different universities (about 7 years total of college), working numerous jobs, even more numerous hobbies, married and divorced, single mother to three children of which I am fiercely protective.

    I hope to one day be very successful… hopefully having survived this long means my suffering at the hands of others is over. I’ve graduated from all that. Risen above.

  19. My Lilith conjunct with Asc in Libra (within 0.58 degree), trine with Sun (0,79), sextile with Pluto (2.78), squre with MC (0,79). What ability does Lilith give me? Thank you.

  20. BML conjunct pisces ascendant in the 12th house here. This past year Lilith has resurfaced and broken through the darkness, illuminating parts of me that I’ve kept buried for a long time. She’s been calling to me over and over. Ignoring her only makes life worse, and so I’ve been fervishly reading what little there is written about her in history and astrology. Despite all the darkness associated with this energy, I’ve found that through her, I’ve come to understand my dreams, my ability for earth based occult powers (and to approach it with much caution), how others, especially men, see me, the goddess energy, and understanding/trying to embrace my sexuality, and my fondness for disillusionment and depression. This mesmerizing and magnetic energy pulls me in, and pulls others to me as well, and so I’m relieved that I am at least aware of and less confused by this past year’s events and my relationships with people, especially men, who tend to fantasize about me even when in relationships themselves. Still a lot to learn, and while I may be putting more credit to this energy then is true, it certainly is an intense energy running a strong current in my life.

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