More on Pallas: Powerhouse of Undiluted Talent.

My last article brought together the principles of Cazimi and Peregrination as identifying criteria for the most pure and profound expressions of planetary energy; in my experience there is no better method of identifying a specific astrologic archetype than identifying natives who display either Peregrinations or Cazimi placements. The first forces an ‘over-expression’ of the planetary theme, the latter ego-identifies that energy, and thus the effect is remarkably similar to Peregrination. If you have a subject whose Cazimi placement is also a Peregrine Island, then that would create a point of incredible focus in the personality. This offers a remarkable tool for insight to the practising astrologer.

It was by use of this exact method, in conjunction with a study of mythic resonance that I refined and identified the central theme of Pallas. Best practise demonstrates that planetary archetypes can be distilled (itself a Saturnine key) into a single all-encompassing principle; thus Jupiter expands or preserves, broadens or promotes; the failing here is entirely semantic, because the principle is easily grasped as a single-pointed theme or energy; Saturn distils or contracts, limits or concentrates, and again the principles are far from disparate; this is why extensive experience of astrology teaches that if text-books on the subject were to remain wholly accurate they would contain at most a single sentence!

Chiron suffers this same wilting lack of exactitude, although I believe I have finally determined the focal energy of the so-called ‘wounded-healer’ and I shall write a post on that subject in the future. Pallas has before now suffered the same ignominious fate, but by studying cases of Cazimi and Peregrination in tandem with the mythic root, it soon became overwhelmingly clear that the principle of competence, undiluted ability and opportunity for victory described most accurately – and succinctly – the archetypal message. How this conclusion was arrived at may be useful in the broader context of understanding the Palladian principle, but ultimately, a long discourse on pattern recognition is not much help in understanding the nativity. The gift that Pallas gives – of competency – is undoubtedly a gift of the mind, an ability to think “outside the box” that confers an almost inarguable advantage in the arena of human interaction and competition.

This identification would be almost impossible without the advantage of Peregrination and Cazimi. Take the cases of Peregrination of Pallas:

  • Alan Shearer, the greatest English centre-forward of the modern game has a Peregrine Pallas in Pisces which – usefully for a footballer – shows competency or undiluted skill with the feet.
  • Stephen King with a Peregrine Pallas in Pisces of the imagination in the 8th house of horror.
  • Woody Allen with a Peregrine Pallas in Libra; Woody’s genius for insights into human relationships can hardly be questioned.
  • MC Escher’s Peregrine Pallas in weirdly, lunar Cancer, brings out the pattern-competency implicit in the mythology.
  • The sheer number of tennis players that have Pallas Peregrine, Cazimi or otherwise strongly configured is almost unbelievable! Martina Navratilova, Michael Stich, Tracy Austin, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario to name but a few, all have Peregrine Pallas. (And Chris Evert has Pallas rising!)
  • Robin Williams’ has Peregrine Pallas in quirky, offbeat Aquarius in the 3rd house of communication!

I note an overwhelming emphasis on Peregrine Pallas placements in the signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn.

As for Pallas Cazimi, note the following:

  • Tony Blair has Cazimi Pallas in the stubborn, determined sign of Taurus.
  • Yehudi Menuhin, also in musical Taurus.
  • Dan Rather, in investigative-reporter exalting Scorpio.
  • General “old blood and guts” Patton in ruthless warrior sign Scorpio.

Notice a pattern here? Cazimi Pallas seems to fare very well across the fixed Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Finally, looking at the charts of those with Pallas included in major aspect configurations is intriguing:

  • James Dean with Pallas in Virgo as part of a grand earth trine.
  • James Earl Jones with Pallas in Virgo as part of a grand earth trine.
  • Whitney Houston with Palls in Virgo as part of a tight Stellium with Pluto and Mercury. So that explains her belter of a singing voice, in pitch-perfectly-precise Virgo.
  • Consider Daniel Wesson’s Pallas in Taurus as part of a grand earth trine. He died having amassed an estimated 80 million dollar fortune in 1906!
  • Rory Bremner with Pallas in Pisces as part of a grand water trine.
  • Michael Caine with Pallas in Aquarius as part of a grand air trine.
  • Germaine Greer with Pallas configured in Pisces as part of a grand water trine.
  • Grace Kelly, with Pallas tightly configured with the Moon in Pisces as part of a grand water trine.

There is a simply overwhelming propensity of placements of Pallas across the Pisces-Virgo axis when configured in the grand-trine aspect pattern. On the whole therefore, there is a strong association between Pallas and Virgo-Pisces, also Cancer-Capricorn and Scorpio-Taurus. In my view Pallas is stronger in earth and water than anywhere else.

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  1. I will be looking forward to your post on Chiron!

    Anyway, I have just read all of your articles about Pallas, again, very interesting! I find it difficult to get much information about Pallas, so your interest is much appreciated.

    In your articles, I did not see any samples of Pallas in Sagittarius which is my placement. I don’t know if you would refer to it as peregrine or not, but perhaps this post might add something to your studies. I think you will see where I have had many Pallas in Sag type situations operating in my life to date.

    Here’s the data:

    Pallas Rx…………..27 Sag 48
    North Node of the moon 27 Sag 37
    Midheaven…………..28 Sag 20
    Point of fortune…….25 Sag 38
    Rising sign…………27 Pis 20


    Pallas R sextile Neptune… 1 deg applying
    Pallas R trine Pluto……. 3 deg applying
    Pallas R conj NN/opp SN…..0 deg applying
    Pallas R conjunct MC opp IC.1 deg applying
    Pallas R conjunct POF…….2 degree appl
    Pallas R Square Vertex……1 deg sep
    Square R AC/DC…………..1 deg applying

    In addition to ruling the 10th house, Sag also rules the ninth, which is empty. The 11th house has chiron in Aquarius, and all except 2 planets (Saturn and Neptune) in my chart are on the bottom half of the chart.

    I think Pallas runs away with my chart. It is also the tightest aspect in my chart at four minutes applying to the N Node end of the Nodal axis.

    Educationally (empty 9th house) I have three degrees in higher education including a Ph.D. Fields include psychology, social work, and social policy.

    I served 4 years as an officer in the United States Air Force after being offered a highly competative commissioned officer position in my field of work. (It was always unclear as to why they picked me out of a pool of 100 candidates when I had only one year of experience in the field.)

    I went in through a direct commission, no officer school, little training, (2 weeks, “training”) as 1st Lt in the medical service corps (O2), and was promoted to Captain (03) prior to honorable discharge.

    While in the USAF I met and married a West Point graduate assigned to the 82nd Airborne post at Ft. Bragg. He was (and still is), a talented helicoptor and fixed wing aircraft pilot. Both his father, and his maternal grandfather were Major Generals for the US Army, and both of them were Westpoint graduates also.

    (When all of this this happened I had Jupiter and Neptune transiting back and forth on Pallas/MC/NN in late Sagittarius)

    I have heard pallas referred to as “the political asteroid” and you refer to various aspects associated with the military, so this ties into Pallas on the 10th house of government. The fact that it falls 1 degree sextile Neptune in Libra in the 7th house of marriage is also interesting and somthing I hadn’t noticed until now.

    Later, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in higher education for about 8 years at four different universities. Continuously I struggled with the political agendas of my colleagues, and it never went well (there’s the Pluto in Leo in the 6th, maybe, power struggles).

    I loved teaching, and always got very high teaching ratings from the students, but the political dynamic in higher education was continuously abrasive. All kinds of backstabbing and whatnot, and I was often the scapegoa (Pluto?).

    As another nod to pallas prediminat and pallas in Sag, my primary teaching areas were research and statistics in social policy and social work, and courses in social policy.

    My career in higher education came to a precipitous ending after I had been teaching at a midwestern university for only one year.

    It was all related to a matter of ethics (9th house) and my refusal to conspire with the other faculty members to lie to the students about the accreditation status of their department. I felt (and still feel) that I was advocating on behalf and conforming to the code of ethics in my field.

    This clash in values (9th house) led to my speaking the truth (9th, values) to a classroom of students who had every right to the information. I saw it as a duty, and it was also linked to the rights of racial minorities, women and other politically disempowered groups.

    As a direct result of exposing the truth (Pluto) to the classroom (9th) I was ‘tossed’ from the classroom and banned from the campus overnight. This was enforced all the way up to the level of chancellor.

    It very much involved issues of freedom of speech and academic freedom (9th house). This was followed by all kinds of legal activities/codes of ethics/unions/lawyers and so forth (9th).

    I ended up dropping my legal case due to my refusal to sign any agreement which would gag me, and thereby preventing me from telling (writing) the true story of what all happened. (Pluto, exposing the dark side, and I am still going to do it).

    The remainder is a story for another time, but I will say that I am utterly devoted to the field of astrological research.

  2. Interesting too that Sagittarius rules flight, and with Pallas signifying military leadership, officer status in the Air Force seems on its own to be a fairly clear manifestation of Pallas in Sagittarius on the Mc. With that close an aspect to the cusp of the 10th though LS I would expect your Pallas to operate much more in the affairs of the 10th than the 9th; I normally ignore the house placing within 5 degrees of the cusp of the next house; actually a placement within a couple of degrees of the 10th is probably more 10th focused than a planet inside the first two degrees of the 10th! You seem to buck that trend although there is a good blend there, actually to be as well qualified as you are suggests a real status acquired through the 9th house.

    I too have heard about Pallas being political, but I don’t see it. I can see how it could add a real energy and power to a politically motivated nativity, but on its own I don’t think it inclines to politics except for political strategy perhaps?

  3. Mine is also in Sag, but 11th house… I work in govt communication & translation… Does that make sense on its own? 🙂

  4. This is some wonderful research on Pallas, who is far more important than astrologers generally realize. I attribute to Pallas the native’s decision-making process and ethical structure, ranging from mental/logical/non-aggressive to muscular/instinctive/aggressive. On my web site ( I trace the Pallas placement of 340+ political personalities and demonstrate a near-absolute correlation between Pallas and a native’s attitudes with regard to the libertarian-to-authoritarian political spectrum. I would love to see more recognition of Pallas in the community and am very pleased to have stumbled upon this blog.

  5. I can’t see the pics in this article for some reason so I’m not sure if my Pallas is considered rising.
    I have Pallas in Capricorn in the 1st, but my ascendent is Sag. by 1 degree. Does this make Pallas rising for me? I’d love some info on what it means for pallas in Cap in the 1st too. The only other thing I have in my first house is Part of Fortune (also in Cap).

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