Saturn-Pluto and Me

As you will perhaps see I have altered the subscription levels to make them very much more simple. In part this is because it has got to be a bit tedious for you to have to choose between all these options and I really don’t enjoy closing my work off from you. I have therefore set an all in subscriber value of 6 bucks a month. That’s the cost of a Starbucks coffee in Berlin. It translates to about two lattes a month if you live in the US, which is much better value if you love coffee. I do love coffee, but it really doesn’t love me, so I never drink it.

I would like to say that I’m sorry for not having posted very much of late, I have been really rather unwell. It’s no great surprise that I’ve been unwell as both Saturn and Pluto have flattened my Hygeia into a pancake! Actually I have a tee-square of Hygeia opp. Orcus both squaring Juno. They are at 17 Cap, Cancer and Libra respectively. And with Mars at 10 Cap squaring Saturn natally you can perhaps understand that I have had less than absolutely no energy at all for weeks now.

I have felt a bit better ever since Pluto went direct, as I think that will be the last of his transits of my Hygeia for this lifetime. Thank goodness, I did not enjoy that at all. I still have to weather the final Saturn pass at the end of November.

So, what effect did this have. With it being a Saturn ruled Hygeia, I’ve had to become much more austerity minded in my habits. I’ve reduced my food intake a great deal and have been losing weight which is helping me to feel better. I’ve given up wheat and sugar. Also I had a dream in which Asclepius instructed me to give up dairy, so I’ve done what the big man said and I am gradually getting back to some semblance of health again. I’d already given up coffee for the aforementioned reasons and I am left with a much diminished but decidedly more nutritious diet. Sounds a bit extreme? Well, that’s what happens when you have Orcus-Hygeia in your stars and Saturn and Pluto (which is kind of a glyph for ULTRA-SATURN!) join the party. Oof.

So I am just plodding on, clip clop, clip clop, and starting on a new series which is deeply resonant of the current Saturn – Pluto dynamic. Time to get serious about “the work”. or rather “The Work”. Craftsmanship, and becoming an adept. Waking up! So, homework is to look at your chart and to see where Saturn and Pluto are transiting and how you are being asked to get serious about that work. Where are you having to become a craftsman or woman?

This weekend I am staying out in the forest so i will try to record an update.

In the meantime there is a new article which I will append to the 5 dollar tier until you’ve had the opportunity to review our relationship. I am super grateful to those who are helping with the new book but realise it is a lot to ask for some. My thanks goes to you for your support whatever it is. This change will make our explorations together a little more affordable for most. Bless you.

I have written a new piece which will be online in the next few hours and which has taken a little while because we are looking at some very profound matters. In the next instalment we are going to explore the Shadow, which is an oft-alluded to idea in psychology and in astrology, but I am hoping that we can really try to get an idea of how to look at it, obliquely perhaps, or through a mirror darkly, by getting to grips with the 12th house, its ruler, and also the 7th house, in a funny sort of way.

Okay, that’s an update for you, I will try to write more frequently here in future.

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