Poor Reception: Our Fatal Flaw

One of the most fundamentally oversimplified concepts in astrology is that of mutual reception. It is a complex idea that is generally assigned a crude remit. That is to say, a simple reception confers benefit because each planet has access to it’s native domain. We all understand this. As a...
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4 thoughts on “Poor Reception: Our Fatal Flaw

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  1. Poor reception – most apt -albeit this is an irrelevant comment -as I am briefly in an Australian seaside village where radio reception is erratic, wifi from most carriers nonexistent and tech addicted new arrivals like us flap about in a state of panic til we get temp sim cards to cover us. Somehow the initial vow to enjoy the tech free week did not last….

    Interesting that mutual reception is not always good. It is a bit like learning all the exceptions to the rules when you think you have learned a language. And astrology is a very complex language in the end…..

    1. This is very true Ange, normally the rules are derived from principles that have become apparent and then we forget the principles and are left with only the rule. Actually, the principles are more useful!

      And it sounds as though you are enjoying a Mercury retrograde week away. We are direct again so you’ll be back on the grid in no time!

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Another great post and thanks for the offer to share some of the same, it was very interesting because I had never paid too much attention to mutual reception in my chart and I realize it offers a fresh perspective.

    I have Sun in Scorpio 4th House, Pluto in Leo conjunct South Node, and I can see that it very aptly describes my inner search for release from the suffering self. Pluto’s part has been to shed and shred the skins of the South Node’s narcissistic imprint, through the classic path of drugs, intense psycho-therapy and ultimately meditation and the Advaitic realization that there was no real self to begin with, only a social construct, that masks the mystery of who or what we really are.

    A big part of this journey of self-annihilation has been through a sort of exalted mutual reception of Mars in Capricorn in the 7th and Saturn in Libra in the 4th, that has involved 40 years of relationship working my butt off providing for 3 different, struggling artist partners and one multiple Libran child.

    I also have the Saturn 4th-Moon 10th reception, and yes the home “slog” you mention and the 10th Moon, doing carpentry in other people’s homes, dealing mainly with the women, but also working alone most of the time.

    So yes, fascinating how those three receptions can describe a life in a few short paragraphs.

    Again Jeremy thanks so much for sparking these insights

    All the best


    1. Paul, this is a beautiful delineation of receptions at work in your life. I am 100% with you, it is often remarkable how the simplest observations can relay so much insight. Sometimes, we are only defeated because the insight is too close to us. The Sun-Pluto reception you have is a really positive tool for self-exploration, but its danger is that it is powerful, sometimes too powerful. The desire for self-insight can possibly lead to too much introspection, but I think over the years you will have learned to handle it. Indeed, the ‘unadorned’ frankness of your narrative here is testament to it! Great work.

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