Superpowers and Kryptonite

One observance that the keen witted will have already pondered is that whilst we can identify and lend advocacy to a point that measures highest in a nativity, there may also be one or more points which are especially weak. It is not inevitable that a point of especial debility exists, but usually it is so. A nativity wherein all points are more or less equally fortified by dignity is as rare as it is blessed.

Another consideration is that of superpowers, which I would consider to be an especially high-scoring placement. As an example, Albert Einstein had an especially dignified Jupiter, which gives benefits for his placement in Aquarius, a Cancer Ascendant, for being within his correct mansion, for a speed in excess of 10 minutes daily travel, being in a masculine sign, for being dignified in the 9th house and for his position in the middle segment of the 9th house. Almost all conditions give considerable strength to Jupiter such that the accrued benefit is considerably large.

In the scoring system that I use, Einstein’s Jupiter accrues 34 points.

Any planet that scores 30 or above is in the superpower zone. This can easily become the standout feature of a life because that energy is so very accessible to the soul. This seems to be especially the case where only one power truly dominates. A dominant planet, especially one that scores 30 or more in the birth map will set the tone for the life experience. Of course, it is true to say that the birth map in its entirety sets the tones for the life course, and therefore it is self-evident that a planet so dominant will have an especial imprint upon the journey to come. But it is also important to remember that life is a journey. We might set out on that journey with all the accoutrements of comfort, a retinue of retainers and a rich caravan of goods but be set upon by robbers once we have passed into the foothills. Eventually we arrive at some distant city a ragged beggar. Conversely, we might set out as a humble pilgrim and gather good companions on the way and arrive in the city in rich company. Even so, we set out in a certain manner, with a certain objective and various expectations. A planet scoring in the superpower zone will have a great deal to say about those expectations. In Einstein’s case, his Jupiter (34) set the tone of inquiry and expanding perspectives for the remainder of his days, even though Jupiter, by dint of the influence of progression, did not stay this strong throughout his life.


When I ask people which planet in Einstein’s chart they consider might be strongest, very few answer with Jupiter! They assume – and it is easy to understand why – that the answer ought to be Mercury, or Uranus, sometimes even Saturn, but rarely do people answer Jupiter. The point to apprehend here is that Uranus is important – he is at the apex of a Yod from a strong (19 point) Mercury sextile a strong (15 point) Orcus, implacability, obsessions and fixity of purpose in communicating revolutionary ideas – but underlying this is an enormous drive to expand the mind, to improve the philosophical view of the universe. That is Jupiter! The point here is that Jupiter sets the tone for the soul right at the outset. And Jupiter must still obey the filter of his sign, he is ruled by Uranus after all, so the drive is to see the ‘big picture’ but in a scientific vein.

But what of those planets which score weakly? Naturally enough they can have a profound influence on the life direction also.


In my view, the scores can be most easily understood as a desire or need. If you are born therefore with a Moon scoring 30 points or more, then you have an overwhelming need for lunar energy in your life. Depending on the tenor of the chart and the way that your needs are expressed, that can have various effects. Fundamentally, you desire security. You also have a strong need for belonging, for family, for home, for safety, for things to be as they were in the past. Anything that represents the echo of early life imprinting is the panacea for that inner wanting represented by the planet in question.

Conversely, any planet with a profoundly low score (5 or below) represents an energy that you really don’t much care for. Whilst in some ways this might be good, it can also leave one with a blind spot. People with a low Saturn score aren’t much interested in responsibilities, and in many ways that frees them from many of the onerous duties and cares of life, duties and cares which people with higher scoring Saturn’s seem to just accept without too much of a fight. By the same token though, a low-scoring Saturn seems to also signify a life arc where not too much attention is paid to building for the future. It is not fair to say that the person with low-Saturn is responsibility-avoidant; they appear to have a blind spot where Saturn is concerned. They do not so much avoid the responsibilities of life so much as they seem to simply not notice them.

It is the same with all of the planets. A person with a low-Moon still needs care, nurturing and a home. They just don’t prioritise such matters in the same way that a person with high-Moon does.

If you are interested in using the calculator app which I have made for the purpose of measuring planetary strength then please sign up as a Patron and you can calculate your superpowers and kryptonite to your heart’s content. It’s also useful for scoring returns and progressions, to see how your chart rulers change over time.

In the next article, we will look at some other important factors, such as ‘power-balancing’ and peregrination and how these affect the life direction and experience.

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    1. Hi Angie, there should be a Paypal link at the end of the article.
      Edited to say that this is now available to Patrons only.

  1. Hi Jem, A wonderful read, as always, how do I pay for your calculator app? Thanks and cheers Sarito

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hello, Is this an app for cell phones only, or will it work on my desktop computer?

    1. It should work on both, it’s a web form which calculates all the scores for you.

      1. Great! Looking forward to seeing how this applies to my chart.

  3. Most interesting results – not what I expected, kind of. You say 30 and above is super power and I am guessing 15 and above strong to very strong? and then what? My score is 191 wo Chiron. One super power of 33 all the way down to a -2 for Neptune which is interesting since I was married to a Musician for 26 years and his Neptune made a partile opposition to my Sun. ASC ruler is 27 and is combust Sun in H 8 so that was a surprise. I used whole signs because that I what I work in. In the traditional astro point system that does not include house and speed my Sun is 1st (disposits most planets and Mars is second. In this system Sun is 26 and Mars is 11 (equal to Orcus). What to make of all of this? I can honestly say that Venus (highest score) has saved my life – kept me going when nothing else did. Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty. A walk in beauty is connection to the Divine for me.

    1. That is interesting Jen, maybe you experienced Neptune through your spouse in some sense and that was a type of compensation. It’s interesting to ponder as well because now you have to work out how, or rather which qualities of Neptune, are a ‘blind spot’ for you. That can be a challenging study of course, so take care with it! Have you looked at your progressed chart to see how these values have changed over the years?

      1. Thanks Jem! I will certainly give the progressed chart a go. As for the ex spouse – I have Pisces on the Desc ! and our daughter has a mirror image of my chart – she too is a musician, with a Pisces ASC. The weird thing is I was a trained musician but did not go further with it. I think I did live that through him to be sure – he was so much more a performer and had so much more natural talent. So there was the idealization part too, on my part. A lot of escapism took place that was maddening for me, and we were stone broke most of the time.I will have to ponder this one as Neptune true to its nature is an endless subject (as are charts of a marriage). The utter letting go that was so easy for him – the transporting that happens through music is what I don’t seem to know how to create for myself so this will be a good exercise figuring that out.

      2. Round 2 of reply – have run progressed chart and have to say it must it reflects my aging. No super power planet this time around. Venus dropped from 33 to 22 and is now in 3rd place. Good news is that the sad Neptune in question at neg 2 is now 10 points showing a gain of 12 points, and good fortune Jupiter (day chart) is up 9 points and leading the pack with 27 pts. The only planet to not have changed was Uranus. Total points now 155 vs 191 in the natal. A more even distribution by far. Greatest drop was in the solar power down 19 pts! followed by Merc down 15. These two were 2nd and 3rd position in the natal. Maybe the progressed chart is a reflection of my age – hmmm. Glad to see Neptune is happier and Venus still up there in 3rd place. Pluto in 2nd – feeling the power like never before.

  4. Again, a pleasure to see you sharing wisdom, Jem.
    I remember your report in December 2013? It formed the backbone of much Inner work, and continues to do so. It speaks Truth, and whatever came through “the Field” to you when you crafted the report has stood me in good stead.
    On the scores, 4 planets are above 20, and one, that natal Mars in the 1st in Capricorn, now on the cusp of Aquarius in the 11th house, came out, at 28. Jupiter at 26, Venus at 24 and Sarurn at a respectful 20 (forgiving the pun).
    You’re aware of my journey, and so this Martian “power” seems self-evident…yet that power/ease comes with the evolutionary necessity to cultivate self-awareness..a downward-focused consciousness..a Pisces Sun with a score of 4 is quite fitting as, like Hermes, I have made excursions through the Gates without too much attention being attracted from those occupants I’d rather avoid.
    In June 2016 I felt drawn to the International Psychosynthesis Conference in Sicily, where I met a trainer of Psychosynthesis practitioners of over 30 years. I trained with her for a Soul-oriented Life Coaching certification, which I now apply with diverse clients. I learned that Roberto Assagioli, a friend of Jung, was like his friend an acconplished astrologer. Casa Assavioli in Florence has hundreds of hand-crafted charts of clients.
    Without exception, all who I’ve worked with are reflections of my inner nature. I work with people who have had their lives upended through extreme physical traumas. So the truth and power of astrology, for me, stands.
    So with great power comes great responsibility, dear Jem.
    With deep respect and love,

    1. Mars in his own house, rising and in exaltation, is always going to be strong whichever way it works, but you’re exceptionally fortunate to have such a strong Venus to soften and harmonise the influence. It’s good to have a strong placement of whatever type, it’s even better to have a good overall spread of scores, and especially where there are balancing placements (Mars for Venus, Jupiter for Saturn, Neptune for Pluto). It will be interesting to see how your progressed scores reflect your current reality as well.

  5. Hi Jem!

    I made a donation, but the app didn’t load for me. Can you help me access the app somehow?

    P.S. Long time fan. The Pluto articles were a game changer for me!

      1. Hey, it’s totally fine! I ended up getting the email with the calculator a day or two later. Thank you!

  6. Revisiting this article as I have a new granddaughter that was born the other day so used the calculator to see if what potentials are in her chart. Superpower! Her natal Mars scored a 44 and Jupiter at 30 (they are trine) and the ‘kryptonite’ numbers show Moon at 5, Orcus a -2 and Chiron also at 5. Think we have a lovable fireball in our midst!

    What is interesting, though you mention a follow-up article will speak of peregrination, in this newborn’s chart she has Mars in Aries in the 1st, Neptune in Pisces in the 12th, Jupiter in Sag. in the 9th and Saturn in Cap. in the 10th, all natural houses and signs for these planets. With something like this, is that indicative of a natural ease for expressing these symbolic energies? The only retrograde is the natal Orcus so all the natal planets all seem to be set on a “let’s go” setting.

    Looking forward to your follow-up post, perhaps the ‘power-balancing’ mentioned will explain what to look forward to with someone who has no interceptions or retrogrades.

    For my own calculations my natal Moon was at 34 in 1st house and Venus at 31 in 9th, and I can see where these energies throughout my life have steered my actions, the Moon in the 1st has that survival theme written large (was a 2 month premie weighing 2.5 lbs, conjunct natal Jupiter which only had a score of 7 and retrograde, gave a internal ‘need’ to survive, is how I take that to have meaning), kryptonite zone, all scoring a 4 are Chiron, Mercury and Uranus, with Mercury being retrograde I can be slow at speaking up, replying to things 🙂

    Thanks for this calculator. Looking forward to your future posts.

  7. p.s. A typo in my comment, I was 1 month premature, not 2, another sign of a kryptonite Mercury, typos?

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