Basking in the Love of the Space Whales

I feel that, despite the self-evident craziness of what I am about to write that I need to get it out there. Think what you will. I have been having incredible dreams of late, and last night I experienced the most remarkable dream of my life. It was astonishing in its depth and immediacy in a way that no other dream I’ve had has been. I would hesitate to call it a dream in fact, because my apprehension of qualities within the dream were beyond my normal experience, it is very difficult to explain with words. I wasn’t entirely asleep, but rather in a kind of meditative trance because I had some vague awareness of my surroundings and a sense of my own sleeping body.

I was floating in space and I could see the earth beneath me and as I looked around I could see whales. Blue whales. They were not the same as the blue whales that you see in the ocean because they were made entirely of a sort of light. I cannot say that it was light, because it had a texture as well, almost like a kind of clingfilm, but it glowed with ripples of colour, and I cannot describe the depth of that colour. it was a textured, coloured light substance, but that does not convey its richness and perfection.

The whales were floating all around and they were very comforting to be near. They were communicating with counterpart whales in the oceans of earth. This communication took the form of a beam of information which comprised a bright stream filled with symbols, geometric, like an alphabet but, and again there is no easy way to describe this, the symbols were accompanied by a feeling of warmth and kindness. They were transmitted with a sense of lovingness.

I realised (by which I mean I just ‘knew’ this in my dream) that the whales of the earth’s oceans were somehow copies of these light-whales, that they were very crude representations but they were the best that could be made with the rather inelegant systems of the earth, and that they were deliberately manifested physical representatives of the whales above the earth. But they were clumsy, and heavy, so infinitely heavy, when compared to their space-counterparts, but it was the best the space-whales could create with the materials at their disposal. I sensed too that there was a direct correlation between humankind’s attitude to whale-killings and spiritual level. I felt with a real urgency the deep wrongness of the killing of whales and that it doomed us as a species to not becoming aware of this other dimension of experience which was all around us and that was permeated with love and kindness. All this while I stayed aware, albeit distantly, of my body which was so relaxed and I realised that I lived every day with deep tension in me and that it was so easy to let go of it in this state. Most of all I understood that something was happening, that some kind of a peak was close, a watershed moment. The whales had a sense of excitement and anticipation as though they had finally poured enough of this love-data down into the earth, via the conduits of the clumsy earth-whales, which were still in themselves creatures of love and grace, but nothing in comparison to their space-brethren.

When I ‘woke up’ I felt humbled and peaceful, and I haven’t been able to shake that sense of excited anticipation either. I just know something is happening…

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  1. Sounds like an awesome experience – although I have no explanation for it, I’ve heard similar stories from others. It doesn’t sound at all crazy to me – of course, I have both Pluto and Uranus in the 12th!

    I’ve also been having strange dreams during that semi-aware stage between sleep and wakefulness. And like you, I’ve seen geometric shapes and heard (?) other languages being spoken, although I didn’t actually hear anything – it’s more like the knowing you describe. I understand the communications in the dream state, but when I awake only bits of comprehension remain. Or sometimes, I’ll remember an unfamiliar word or phrase and spend the morning googling its meaning!

    Some of the messages have been profoundly beautiful, yet when I wake I find I lack the vocabulary to adequately describe what it was I experienced, but still I try.

    I also sense something brewing, changing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and hopeful experience with us. I too have experienced the incredible lovingkindness of the whales in a spontaneous vision/journey. I hope they are excited about the positive changes that will be taking place down here, despite how things look at the moment.

  3. Neptune in Pisces methinks! I have had the ‘texture,colour, rippling cling-filmy thing too, with the absolute knowledge that it was a communication from spirit and enormously reassuring. No whales yet! How fascinating and I suspect that a great many of us are having these experiences just now.

  4. Lovely post. And on the subject, following the recent disasters in Japan, I had the unthinkable thought that perhaps the country had been visited by some sort of Neptunal, Poseidonal karmic force as a result of the way in which Japan has been topping the list of the countries that have been emptying the ocean of all its life… Just a thought.

  5. Wonderful, isn’t it, how close the numinous realm really is…
    Your description is incandescent. I’ve had that loving-kindness too.
    Hope your adorable son is well,
    stay free!

  6. I don’t dream often but when I dream about the sea or those of the sea it’s incredibly powerful and indescribable as most dreams are. Sounds pretty trippy and fun though, floating around with angel-whales!

  7. Beautiful and FYI the meaning of the whale in the Native Medicine Cards is repository of all the ancestral wisdom of the universe. Seems like your Neptune in Pisces tapped into it.

    Truly inspiring dream. I feel it will change not just your life, but all those who found it on the web. I am already looking out the window at the sky for whales.

  8. This sounds… pretty awesome, actually! I always suspected that whales and dolphins are way more intelligent and capable that we give them credit for. Maybe they just targeted you with their stream of communication?

  9. I really apreciate that you shared this experience. You did a good job of describing what you saw and sensed. There is an anticipation in the “air” of some transforming period coming for humanity and all the earth that allows many of us to have truly unique and awesome experiences of another reality. This one of yours is truly beautiful.

  10. Yes. I have had deep visions/feelings that I have dropped my skin and walked into the ocean to the join the dolphins…only the find the dolphins have left the oceans and gone to their rightful home in space. I was alone in the ocean, then, and feeling very lonely.

    Thanks so much for sharing your powerful vision!

  11. Wonderful! I had a dream about a month ago of 2 whales, rising up out of the depths, breaching in front of me. Incredible energy to connect with. I believe they are working hard to help us awaken.

  12. What a wonderful vision you had! How lucky am I that you shared it with me!
    Something huge and wonderful IS happening! So huge!
    I think someone should make a website for people to share these inspiring visions of the Aquarian age.

  13. What a joy to find this post among your articles ! * * ~*~} ¤ }♥{ ¤ {~*~ * *

    I am a 4th h Aquarian Sun, with Moon an Venus/Mars cj in Pisces 5th, Uranus and Neptune both in 3d ~ ~ my guiding spirits are those whales you describe, but i havent been able to see tham jet, only hear (i’m clairaudient) I so have to learn how to meditate propperly, i want to see them too ! >*<


  14. hello. i have been searching dreams about whales , as i have had some myself,

    i was wondering if you could tell me more about the clingfilm light stuff?

    in my dream the whale were floating in sky above the ocean by a cliff, and in a kind of embryotic sack, that was being held up by a tiny fleshy tube type thing, like which holds a baby to the plecenta…, anyway, this sack also emmited light….. a pinky purple light…

    cant stop thinking about them…whales….since this dream….

    would be cool to here about your light”!!!! thankyou

  15. I had a very moving full moon “chat” with 2 whales nestled in the cove at Wategos Beach one July night a few years back. I apologised to the whales for all the killings & expressed my concern that their species was threatened. Their astral reply was very much an acknowledgement that humans have more to be concerned about in terms of survival than they do; & they showed me a beautiful vision of whales swimming in space in another dimension, quite at home in the greater universe…

  16. This dream has affected my dream. It’s been a while since I’ve read this article, but the thought came back to me one day and had a very positive effect. Later that night in my dream, I don’t remember many of the details, but I was with a group and we were going about in some large convertable style vehicle (perhaps even a wagon?), and when I looked up into the night sky, there were small and faint silouhettes of whales swimming amongst the stars. Thank you…

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