The War of Earth and Sky

Saturn’s opposition to Uranus reaches its excruciating zenith any moment now and I for one will be delighted to have the tension past its peak: like an overtightened violin string, it is sounding more than a few screechy notes in life’s orchestra. Despite the inherent discomfort of this transit though, it can be leveraged, both as an excellent opportunity to realise personal growth and too, to fine-tune your connection with a metaphysical Universe. The opposition then is a lesson in disguise – and one that contains enormous potential benefits if you understand the harmonies of the planets – the first task for any aspiring metaphysician then, is to see the possibility that the echoes of those divine notes are manifest within the events, attitudes and situations which surround us every day of our lives. Once you have acknowledged this perspective, then you are on your way to a paradigm shift in consciousness. Skill simply grows with application and learning.

Saturn and Uranus have myriad correspondences, but they are profoundly antithetic, for this reason, any aspect between them is fraught with tension. It is an ancient battle; the elder Gods of earth and sky have been at war for as long as people have looked on and witnessed, with awe and consternation, the clash of elements. Everyday that same struggle is replayed in the clash of personalities and belief systems that is reenacted in homes, families, places of work and in the political and religious spheres of the entire planet. The opposition therefore offers a glimpse of that archetypal energy to be scryed in all of our relationships and struggles.

Fundamentally, the battle is between the old and the new and that is most likely to be expressed in the struggle to realise change in the face of resistance. On one level, this might mean that banking institutions are forced to reform their practices, accrued over centuries and reflecting a time where poverty was akin to criminality: the bankers were a wealthy elite who were able to manipulate the social clay into forms of their own choosing. The traditional banker is Saturn therefore, forced to contemplate radical reform – Uranus – in the guise of new charging structures, government bail-outs, and with the Saturn – Uranus opposition in square with Pluto in Capricorn, the transformation of old business models is the only way to balance the tension of these two ancient adversaries. At another level, you may be struggling with the same issues – writ small perhaps, but no less personally compelling for that fact – in your own life, where you are experiencing the same clash of old and new, traditional and avant-garde and one of the most interesting insights is to identify where you are involved in a power-struggle – because the squares to Pluto are manifesting the oppositional tension – and which side of the ancient divide you have fallen on.

In my own life I have become embroiled in a struggle between Catholicism and astrology: inevitably, my choice to fall on the side of Uranus was no choice (in the sense that I have never attacked Catholicism, but I have been attacked for being an astrologer by those with strongly held Catholic beliefs) but it is powerfully synchronous all the same to count the metaphysical correspondences. I have a Uranus-Pluto conjunction while my adversaries have Saturn conjunct Pluto, so the tee-square of Saturn and Uranus to Pluto is drawing out the powerful unconscious forces between us, casting us in the ancient mould of Saturn versus Uranus. Inevitably, I am cast as the breaker of the traditional and the wrecker of sensible good-order. This is yet another feature of the struggle: Saturn casts Uranus in his role – not as a necessary revolutionary agent – but as something sinister: his new way is denounced as irresponsible, anathema to Saturn of course, and it is often remarkable how one’s allegiance is projected in this way. In recent months I have witnessed the language of Saturn, a veritable list of Saturnine keywords in fact, repurposed, fashioned into barbs, and slung unceremoniously in my direction. Deeply uncomfortable of course, but at the same time fascinating to witness.

So where in your life has this battle been taking place? If there is a power-struggle in your life, it will probably have emerged into the open over the last few months as the tee-square took shape, although its genesis would have occurred in the latter part of 2008 when the first opposition between these two behemoths was formed (partile on 3rd November 2008, but palpable from September onward. As an aside, the last time these oppositions were in the heavens was between March 1965 and January 1967: in January 1967, the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco popularized hippie culture, leading to the legendary Summer of Love on the West Coast of the United States, and the 1969 Woodstock Festival on the East Coast.) You will have found yourself on one side or the other: adopting the role of Saturn or Uranus and perhaps accusing or defending on the basis of one perspective or the other. Here’s how it works:

  • If you are defending on the basis of your being responsible, sensible, of good-standing, successful, burdened, restricted, unfairly weighed down with responsibility, and reliable, or if you are attacking on the basis of your opponent being unreliable, irresponsible, a loser, weird, a misfit, mad, bad or dangerous to know, then you are in the role of Saturn and you are opposing Uranus.
  • If you are defending on the basis of being carefree, exciting, original, different, inclusive, revolutionary, being a risk-taker, wanting freedom or advocating positive change or of you are attacking on the basis of your opponent being dull, over-cautious, staid, fearful, repressed, oppressive, authoritarian or status-obsessed, then you are in the role of Uranus and you are opposing Saturn.

In general terms, with the opposition falling across the Libra – Aries axis and tee-squaring Pluto in Capricorn (thus disposited by Saturn), the weight is with Saturn, so the Saturnine types are much more likely to be those with the power agenda (because Pluto is Saturn’s servant). This doesn’t mean that Saturn will win, as we will see later, the only winners are going to be those who can keep themselves in check. With Aries-Libra configured the battleground will be over themes of relating, and it may well be disguised as what is best for the other person (that is the struggle between the rulers of Aries and Libra, Mars and Venus otherwise known as I know what’s best for you. The Aries – Libra opposition disguises its own agenda in concern for someone else and because Mars is selfish and Venus is cooperative, the opposition is experienced as one person trying to force the other to compromise, using Saturn and Uranus as the chief protagonists. Look to the house positions of the opposition to gauge its nuances. In my own case the opposition falls across the 6th and 12th: I have been accused (for example) of doing the “work of the devil” in recent weeks. Work is the 6th, and the devil is clearly Uranus cast in the role of mad, bad and dangerous to know with 12th house – religious – overtones. Uranus rules astrology, and Saturn conventional religious perspectives (like Catholicism), so it is simply the old battle being manifest. Awful to experience but fascinating to witness as I have said.

Understanding and identifying the effects of the opposition in your own nativity are quite straightforward, and there are many benefits to doing so; not the least of which is through gaining an appreciation that transits, especially when forming intense configurations, always have a profound influence on our life direction and situation, even if only through the medium of related natal placements. You are much more likely to be affected by these dynamics if you have planets in the Aries’ Points, or at the middle of the fixed signs. People born in 1972 for example, are likely to be seriously pressured under these transits because of the presence of Pluto in the first degree of Libra. Similarly, those born between 1946 and 1949, where Pluto transited the midpoint degrees of Leo, will be drawn in to these power-struggles. Anyone born between 1990 and 1993 also, with Pluto in the middle degrees of Scorpio. Bizarrely (or not actually), everyone that I know born in these years has been drawn into an intense and destructive power-struggle at this time.

The same dynamic will manifest according to the nature of the aspecting point in the nativity, so, if your Moon aspects the Aries’ Points – as Mel Gibson’s does at 00Li00 – then expect power struggles with families, mothers, wives and women in general. If Neptune is involved, as it is for anyone born in 1942 and 1963-4, then deceptions, confusion, dissolution and escapism all feature in the power-struggle dynamic, difficult dreams are a feature for these people. Consider too those children born in 2004 with Neptune at the midpoint degree of Aquarius, who may be struggling with nightmares at this time as the power-struggle emanates into the Neptunian subconscious realms.

Today, and in previous days, there have been numerous stories in the news of ambushes and knife attacks. The most celebrated is the story of Raoul Moat who ambushed a policeman and his ex-girlfriend and her new lover, the latter who died. He became, in the public consciousness Uranus and some applauded him as a kind of misunderstood misfit and potential folk-hero (Uranus/11th house) while others, especially establishment figures like the British Prime Minister were moved to condemn him and his supporters as irresponsible. Ambushes, knife attacks and prejudice are themes commonly associated with the asteroid Hopi which is currently configured with Uranus at 00Ar07, bound up irredeemably with the power-struggle dynamic. Knife attacks have been ten to the penny in the news over the last few days after a groom slashed his bride’s throat ,a man stabbed his new stepmother to death and a paramedic ambushed and stabbed a nurse in the car park of the hospital where they both worked. These are just a few of the more prominent ambush and stabbing stories of recent days.

And, in each of these cases, they are people who, unaware of the metaphysical Universe in which they live, have lost all perspective in the struggle between the old ways and the new and – determined to prevail at all costs – have simply eliminated the opposition. One of the key problems with the Saturn – Pluto energy in particular is that, when under duress, it becomes extremely authoritarian, judgmental and incompassionate and it fixes on a position until the point where Uranus does what Uranus does best: he rebels. Then everyone is cast in their familiar old roles: the responsible versus the irresponsible or the oppressive against the liberating, depending on your perspective.

Make no mistake though, the opposition itself is a front. The opposition is where all the action is taking place, but the presence of Pluto at the squaring point – around 0° of Capricorn, is the real agenda, but because Pluto is receiving the tense energy, he is simply doing what Pluto always does, and keeping himself hidden.

If the opposition falls across the 1st and 7th then ostensibly there is opposition between yourself and your most intimate partner because one of you wants more freedom and the other wants more security, but the hidden agenda is about how things appear (10th) or about family or property or some problem located in the distant past (4th).

If the 2nd and 8th are involved in the opposition then the outward manifestation of that tension is to do with money, debt, inheritance or self-esteem but the true agenda is children, the way you express yourself or what you want to do for enjoyment (including love affairs) – 5th house, or its politics, at whatever level (11th).

These examples should give you some idea how the tee-square might be affecting you. If you see that happening then you gain a real insight into the metaphysical Universe and how it really does affect us in our everyday endeavours: and in seeing that you are given the opportunity to realise that you are not compelled to act upon the pressures of the planets. If we understand that here is a subtle but very powerful pressure to pit Saturn against Uranus and to adopt one stance or the other, then we can determine to resist that pernicious energy, let it wash over us instead of weighing us down. And this is no idle ideal either: because we have to be careful not to allow ourselves to be cornered by the dictates of the aspectual tension. Consider the case of the groom who tried to murder his fiancée when she called off the wedding: clearly, the impetus existed to formalise and traditionalise their relationship (Saturn), she wanted out and called off the marriage (Uranus), so he attempted to kill her (Pluto). It is without doubt a very extreme example, but it illustrates very neatly the conceptual exchange of energies.

As explained earlier, there is particular danger in adopting the Saturn position, because Saturn has rulership of Pluto within the aspect pattern, so the urge to control, overpower and destroy the Uranian rebels will come naturally and unquestioned at this time, but it will almost certainly backfire in the long-term. Similarly, in following the chain of rulerships we see that Uranus rules Neptune, so victimisation comes into play here too. Uranus will utilise evasion to attempt to escape from Saturn’s strictures. Victimisation (real or imagined) may become a theme, and much of the negative energy for the Uranian will be channeled into wishing that things were different: Neptune really doesn’t enjoy brutality and bullying.

Of course, it’s not over yet. August will be a tough month as Jupiter first squares Pluto on the 3rd, which will up the ante for sure in any power struggle and then opposes Saturn on the 16th; then old Pain and Torment get together for a last-ditch oppressfest on the 21st, when Saturn squares Pluto at 3 Libra and Capricorn respectively. That will be the final salvo in the war between earth and sky, thankfully, but the devastation left might be more than anyone bargained for.

(How have you experienced the old battle? All war-stories gratefully received!)

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  1. I’d love to explain my old war stories, but would prefer the relative privacy of a pub and the fortification of a whiskey with a pint chaser!
    I wonder if you see anything gender specific in the facts of the three examples of violence you cite above. I ask because statistically the preponderance of interpersonal domestic physical harm is perpetrated by males against females. I guess what I mean is, does the present T-square dictate this gender imbalance, or is it merely the old Saturnian/Pluto guys wield the power thang all over again?
    (I found your previous entry on the 12th house sun – and reader comments – very interesting. I am a 12th house sun Virgo with Virgo ascendant.)

    1. Thanks Sabina, and I would certainly enjoy a chat about astrology in the pub!
      Insofar as gender is concerned, I would say that there is probably a bias toward Saturn for men, simply because it’s much easier for the inner male to identify with that authoritarian male energy. Of all the many people I know who are out there, condemning, denigrating, oppressing and controlling: identifying with the Sa/Pl energy; the majority are male. The women indulging that dynamic are often strongly Saturnian or earthy, or in the shadow of a strong Saturnine male. By the same token, strongly Aquarian types will undoubtedly find themselves being targeted just for being Uranian, and they make a natural and easy target at this time.

  2. Always so glad to see your posts. My war story is not so much a war but lost love story. My husband left me for somebody else. I think I was the Saturn one. Too bad too cause our marriage chart was going to have a nice long term grand trine taking place by progression [mars, sun & saturn-all in water].

    1. Sorry to hear that Diane, and I won’t say anything trite because of course you will be suffering. Perspective is often won at the cost of great sacrifice. Take care.

  3. I think we all saw a very mixed-gendered violent explosion at the Love Parade Music Festival in Germany, an event that has always represented, until now, “peace and love.” This is an example of plutonian influences at work to uncover the darker elements at work in the new age movement. Cultural and self reflection is required here regarding the meaning of peace and love. for more commentary on this, go to my website.

    Western culture re-wrote many ancient myths so that all the guys got all the parts – most of the females get to be the cheerleaders in the asteroid belt. This is where current astrology, like so many other institutions that have outlived their usefulness, will undergo a large transformation.

    1. Thanks Amelia, I am not certain that Western culture has been rewritten too much: the Greeks were shocking chauvinists after all! Men got all the important jobs in ancient Athens for sure! I do appreciate your point though: Ceres was a full sibling of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto and we tend not to view her energy as quite so relevant in astrological terms, but then it’s a Yin energy, so it’s not going to be so far ‘out there’ in any case. The world of outer forms is Yang in essence, so those male planets are in the limelight as a result. But, the aspiration to find inner balance on a personal, human level requires that we honour Demeter as much as Zeus and so find a balancing of masculine and feminine quality. My view then, is not that current astrology has outlived its usefulness, I simply think it reflects broader societal norms and values. Pluto is more extreme, he gets all the attention, while Ceres is just quietly getting on with it in the background (in the Yin way) and her ‘status’ in astrology reflects her intrinsic disinterest in ‘status’ as an entity.

      In human life, Plutonic acts make the headlines, while Ceresean ones just go on, being part of the fabric of life getting not much attention at all. That’s as it should be, I can almost imagine turning that on its head (and it makes me chuckle): ‘And now for today’s headlines: A mother was nurturing today and baked a loaf of bread which all her children thoroughly enjoyed!”


      1. I was actually referring to pre-patriarchal cultures, which were far more honoring of the feminine. These times are commonly referred to as “pre-history” meaning oral history. Western culture did, in fact, throw this all out and write a very male dominated view of roles based on the alleged supremacy of one gender over another.

      2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m a strong, assertive, and confident male and I must say that women, generally, rule my life. Not in that trite, Hollywood fashion (I’m not some “player” or womanizer, don’t need to be) but in real, emotional, and mature manifestations. Just trying to give an elbow of confidence to the ladies out there – a man’s rebuke (this may offend those who are or feel abused) may be a primitive acknowledgement of and unconscious deferral to your inherent authority over a situation.

  4. Thanks for letting me understand how invisible I am at present – with Pluto on my natal Ceres – and yet this is working for me on one level. I am getting work in many different areas that bypass the usual channels – slipping through as it were. So, this makes up for being unacknowledged and also limits my involvements in the power struggles. Another thing – it’s impossible to have a love affair when one is unseen.

    1. That’s an interesting placement, Ceres is under a great deal of pressure for you. If you’re a mother, that’s going to be especially tough. Good luck with everything.

  5. I think I have historically been the Saturn person… I have Saturn in the 6th, conjunct my Sun (wide orb – 8 degrees, almost 9 degrees) and they both square my 9th House Moon. I’m a single mom– and, although I LOVE my kids, the responsibility for them has been oppressive at times. In the past 7 months, I have been experiencing myself as a more Uranian person. And even though I have had to take on more and more responsibility at work, my personal life has been filled with lots of Uranian energy– especially in the realm of Love Affairs and Children (5th House). I have Capricorn in my 2nd, Aries in my 5th, Cancer in my 8th, and Libra on the 11th House cusps. My natal Uranus is 5 Libra and opposes my 5th House Chiron.

    1. It appears for you Juliet, that the opposition falls across the 4th and 10th and tee-squares Pluto in the 1st. On the whole, your personal planets are not unduly affected, but with Uranus at 5 degrees Libra this will certainly explain why you are receiving that Aquarian energy just now. So, (if you perceive it operating) you will have a power-struggle over 4th and 10th house matters, but the real agenda is 1st house – taking independent action. I note that the asteroid Atlantis is configured too: so invasions of privacy are part of the picture. In your case the opposition rules the 5th and 11th and Pluto the 12th, so it’s wise to be cautious about getting embroiled in control agendas relating to children, lovers and the group who might frown upon your choicesand be careful who you confide in – Atlantis can betray confidences.
      Otherwise, it’s an interesting period for you, with Saturn approaching Uranus and about to oppose Chiron, a chance for healing, but you may have to compromise between earth and sky to release the energy!
      Take care Juliet, I hope all is well with you.

  6. I should also mention that my Progressed Sun is at 0 degrees Cancer– so, this T-Square actually forms a Grand Square with my Progressed Sun. Natally, I have Cancer on the 8th House cusp.

    Not sure how important it is in this configuration but, I also have Solar Arc Venus exactly conjunct my natal Vertex right now.

    1. The trick with the vertex is birth-time accuracy, but I do think that it’s an amazingly powerful point. It does suggest for you that you might meet somebody at this time who brings contentment into your life.

  7. My Chiron/Uranus opposition (in the 6th/12th) sits at the midpoint of the Pluto/Uranus square, and the current Saturn/Uranus opposition falls in my 1st and 7th. Much as I hate to take sides, if I had to choose, I’d say I’ve been more Uranian in recent months, although the old ways – represented by Saturn – have died hard.

    Only recently, I’ve come to realize that my old way of earning a living is probably no longer a viable option thanks to a physical challenge left over from my Chiron return. New ‘talents’ have emerged though, so now is the time to begin exploring where they may lead. I doubt very much if I’ll ever earn the kind of living I used to, so learning to make do with much less has become a natural way of life. Initially, this realization came as quite a disappointment to my husband (and me), although he now understands and has been very supportive. I actually discovered some of my new (healing) abilities while using my husband as a test subject, so in some ways our relationship has acted as a catalyst for the changes, with benefits to us both.

    I’ve also spent time advocating for universal health care (as opposed to mandated health insurance) and recently found myself defending someone’s right to NOT believe in astrology (or God). Yet my own Christian faith remains strong. Hang in there, Jeremy.

    1. It does sound as though you have made the best of the transits LB, although this is invariably easier if you don’t have personal planets on the cardianl points. I have the Moon at the middle degrees of Scorpio so I have experienced the power-struggle through the important women in my life: and it has been very tough for them too, but also for me, because the power struggle involving my significant other has been the reason that I have been targeted as being “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. The tee-square eases off into September thankfully, but I can already see the way things are shaping up and whilst I believe the events of the coming days are necessary and inevitable, it will still be no fun at all.

      I am also a person of great and abiding faith in the correctness of the Universe, which helps enormously with the daily struggle with control-freaks (!) but it is never fun to be the target of another’s vitriol and malice. Even if deserved (and who, other than ‘God’ gets to make that determination in any case?), it’s just not the Christian way: except, so often it seems to be the chosen method regardless.

      I, seemingly like you, try to concentrate my time and energy on helping people by telling them what’s right with the world and their place in it, rather then telling them why they’re wrong. In the long run, it’s a policy with mileage!

      Good luck to you and yours.

      1. I also have the Moon in the middle degrees of Scorpio, which is the “midpoint” of a lot of the conflagration of the cardinal t-square (as are any of the mid-degrees of the fixed signs). In my case, Moon in 7th has manifested in watching 3 close people slowly dying; plus my father dying last year. My biggest issue is that these people misunderstand my seeming detachment from the dramas. I cannot help, thus…. my place is wait until I clearly see my role, if any. This seems to piss people off! Or, maybe they are just mad that they are dying, and need a hook for projection. I don’t know, I just know it makes me feel misunderstood.

  8. Thank you once again for a truly fascinating post. While I am clearly not as knowledgeable about astrology as the average reader here, I can still follow it quite well and really enjoy the deep mythical/psychological references and meanings – can’t get enough! Plus, I am learning more by reading through each post over and over… I was wondering if anyone could tell me in this case what this Uranus/Saturn opposition means to me if my MC/IC is at 3 42′ Libra/Aries. I assume that it is still 9th/3rd with Pluto in Cap falling in my first, but what kind of struggle would that be?
    Personally, I know that there have been some relationship power struggles that began back in late 2008 and I would definitely be playing the Saturnine to his Uranus. And to pull on some other posts of Jeremy’s… I also have Chiron in Pisces to his Chiron in Aries which explained SO much…! [I’m a Virgo/ Sag rising with Pluto conjunct Mercury and Uranus all in Virgo as well.]

    1. Thank you Catharine, and I am delighted that you have found my journal to be informative. To answer your question, it appears that the significant relationship you mention is manifesting a power struggle over one of you trying to take independent action and there will be accusations of irresponsibility as a result. With the 3rd and 9th, it suggests a (house) move, perhaps affecting schooling, transport and the like, or there may be some intellectual browbeating going on, quite common with these houses in conflict (a little like a hard Mercury-Jupiter aspect: which ends up with you feeling resentful that your opponent (and, going back to root causes, your sibling) got more of x,y and z than you did). If the MC and IC are closely configured it can represent an archetypal struggle between parents over what’s best for the kids’ schooling, or it can simply suggest one of you wants more freedom to pursue their ambitions, while the other can quite literally feel as though they’ve been left ‘holding the baby’.
      Good luck with it all, remember, it gets much easier from September onwards!

  9. Great post. The war story here is a relationship where I played the Saturn role (although I’m aquarius sun, venus, mars and uranus in 1st!) and he played the Uranus role (unavailable, distancing, freedom loving, etc.) Virgo rising for both of us – so there you go, 1st-7th axis. I see him as my mirror, and have seen how I am often just like him, just not with him, if that makes sense. Funny thing is, I could be the Uranus energy for him, in a way, too. He is triple earth and has a capricorn moon! Anyway, the composite chart sun is at 2 Aries, so Pluto is squaring. Of course, the composite sun has progressed by now into the middle of Taurus, but I see Pluto’s role (and I am instigating) as a “death” of the relationship, which is exactly what seems to be happening. Seemed like a very sudden shift, but a long time coming…

    I have early Libra and Aries on 2nd/8th axis, and one of the things I’ve been learning a lot about is my own value system, with regards to relationships. I feel like I’m suddenly clearer about what works and doesn’t work for me. Interesting!

    Thanks for reading and for your very profound insights. I enjoy the blog!

  10. It seems that a lot of women these days end up playing the Saturnian role in the relationship to the man’s Uranian role. Anecdotally speaking, it seems that culturally the pragmatic role is taken on by the woman – or at least that’s my experience of all the people I know. Maybe it is not ‘exactly’ Saturnian but certainly the aspects of responsibility, reliability, etc. Or maybe I just hang around women who have very similar astrological influences. I, for one, am tired of being the ‘bad guy’ in the relationship, but as LB says, my Saturnian ways are gonna die hard. Whaddya think?

    1. I hear ya!! :-)) I, too, am tired of playing this role. I guess it’s the moon and saturn in my 7th. Makes me take relationships rather seriously, I guess.

    2. Reciprocity is key in any relationship – if there’s no half time swap sides it may not be a keeper in the long term – maybe a good lesson in the short term though? It’s hard to be objective when considering relationship dynamics – there may be aspects of the coupling where the other half does actually provide a saturnian influence? It’s just that often all we can see from the middle of the forest is trees.

  11. I read this post when it appeared and thought about what I then believed was my most obvious war story in the region of my chart it was happening in – MC. I already knew all that and didn’t think it was of any interest – born in 1968 means that war has been waged (only in reverse) since birth due to the natal placements of saturn and uranus – if anything this astro would help to bring some sudden stability to an ongoing challenge and I moved on thinking nothing more of it.

    Suddenly over the last few days my attention has been drawn to the other side of this story – the IC and how it works in relation to familial synastry and I had an epiphany. A seriously good epiphany. Another war that’s been waged since birth is the placement of a close relatives saturn conjunct my jupiter and Uranus on the IC, their mars is also conjunct my Jupiter.

    For the life of me I’ve never been able to work out what the problem is in this relationship. My Uranus is in turn conjunct my sun so this forced sharing of personal space has frequently felt like a prison to me – as a child they wouldn’t let me play outside because something might happen to me, I wasn’t allowed a bike because it was dangerous, I wasn’t allowed to do tap dancing classes because it would be noisy and they didn’t want to spend money on costumes and I wasn’t allowed to wear the hippy clothes my father sent me from far-flung lands because people might think I was strange – there was little joy.

    It hasn’t always gone badly but the majority of the time it does – I’d say the split is 80-20 hard vs easy depending on how far I live from the person. For some reason every time I move just out of reach they move closer. Late last year when they suggested moving closer again after I’d successfully kept the difficulties at arms length since 2007 I did manage to say for the first time, no I don’t think it’s wise for you to move here and called on the GFC as my evidence. Why upset the stability you have was my angle – it was a stroke of astro genius in retrospect.

    Suddenly I understand. Their Saturn all over me has been the problem we share all along. Even when I’m far away and something really exciting happens they’ll call and cast their shadow over it – others who have shared houses with me have commented on the immaculate timing of this person’s calls – to the point that I don’t answer the telephone if I’m having a good time and their number comes up on the screen. It’s horrible – all my life they’ve complained that I’m laughing too loud, or being too excited, dressing strangely, making weird jokes at the wrong time, being subversive etc – well that may be so in terms of where they stand but for me my very essence has been like a bottle of champagne that’s just dying to be popped and they seem to want to keep it in the cellar for a while longer.

    I’ve felt inclined to work my future life plans around making sure I’m geographically close when the person is aged so I can care for them, yet a large part of me wants to run far, far away. I’m not sure what to do about this but I do suddenly understand it a whole lot better. I think Pluto on the DSC helped the epiphany along nicely. I’m actually finding this earth shattering astro cathartic which is a relief. Now how to deal with this synastry – how can I use this knowledge in a positive way?

    1. A postscript – their black moon lilith is exactly conjunct my Aries Saturn in the 10th – isn’t black moon lilith all about silencing inconvenient truths? They refused to let me study what I was talented at at school because it wasn’t deemed useful in their eyes – they made me study accounting and economics – have I ever used that knowledge to earn a living? NO. Their north node is in the 4th in Aries too. My Chiron is in my 10th in Aries and Uranus and Jupiter have lately been conjuncting. My North Node in the 10th will be the next domino to fall, then Saturn – I’d only been considering their impact on the 10th and not the opposite 4th – not taking in the big picture. I’m wondering if the epiphany was just the beginning of something that will change our dynamics forever over the next few months? Here’s hoping.

  12. :). Hiya

    I was rereading this post and trying to understand the war of earth and sky and didn’t have much to say. I am thinking about the possible lawsuit ( saturn glides into 10, huh) I appear to be preparing for and some other things…and then I drifted off to look at the American Drudge Report…and got here:

    It’s about this: It’s about *Lady Gaga* protesting Arizona immigration laws!

    She says, ” I will yell and I will scream, and protest this state…”

    The state thinking it has its rights to protect its borders and reject federality: they think ” I will yell and I will scream and protest the State…”

    And then imagine, the immigrants…” I will yell and I will scream and I will go where I please..”

    And finally I thought that the interplay of energies may not be as simple as “picking” saturn or picking uranus. You may think you are picking saturn but your “conservative” agenda includes federal secession, you may put on a catsuit of bubblegum and support the federal “conservative” policy of the feds and not local yahoos protecting the borders.

    This gets complex very fast until we have a blending that’s almost like a sabian symbol: Lady Gaga sings in support of the suppression of states’ rights…is this Weimar Republic or Madonna’s Danceteria or…?

  13. I am both Saturn and Uranus combined. I’m an astrologer who was brought up Catholic. I have natal Saturn in Capricorn at 6 degrees and Natal Uranus at 12 Leo conjunct my 6 degrees Leo Moon and 9 degree Leo ASC. I also have a 29 degree Pisces Sun that just got hammered with the Saturn/Uranus Opposition, along with the other delightful transits happening now. All I can say is, it’s been a hell of a year and It’s not over yet. I feel like an add for Timex Watch. “I’m taking a licking and still ticking.” I thank my “Catholic” God, I’m an Astrologer, or this could have really been much worse.

    PS I had a simular experience with a Pentecostal Southern Baptist telling me I was doing devil work many years ago when I first started astrology. I found that when I got secure with my own beliefs they disappeared out of my life. Hope the same for you.

  14. Late to the party again! I am living out my 4th/10th house opposition by again considering giving up my 15 year stab at residence in my ancestral home area, and moving abroad again to work. My 9th house Sun conjunct Saturn took a beating during the 65 to 67 opposition and it always takes me awhile to figure all the angles out. Like, till now! (my natal Uranus is conjunct Mercury in Libra 19th house. What has happened is that during my recent 2nd Saturn return through Virgo, with my (natally most) peregrine Uranus in the opposite position, in Pisces, I first experienced the onset of a terribly debilitating electrical heart problem while I was attending my Aquarius mother’s long deterioration and demise. Today I find myself with my Aquarian sibling in a foreign land trying to create a business, giving up finally the old Saturnian/Capricornian goal of creating a secure home and roots for my old age(this goal has been in effect since the Saturn transit-natal Saturn opposition some 15 years ago. It may be a little premature to say, but it definitely seems that for me Uranus wins again, but this time, Uranus may “win” to my own advantage somehow. In the 19sixties and seventies, in my youth, how the dust finally settled wasn’t all that bad for me, unless viewed through the lens of Saturn/Capricorn. In such a view, my youth was a mispent disaster.

    I not lucid enough to tease out how this all might be affected by the only planet I have near a cardinal point: Uranus at 4degrees Cancer, and, you guessed it, Pluto at 17 degrees Leo being my only planet in the middle of a fixed sign. I do feel somehow in tune with the times, just as I undoubtedly did during the middle and late 1960’s.

  15. I am not old enough to be fighting an old battle; but I feel my circumstances are nonetheless interesting. Basically, I realized that I have no responsibilities (Saturn) in my life, except my job. And I realized that at some point, I’d want to move on from my job. So I quit (Uranus) earlier this month, with no plan for the future of any kind.

    Transiting Uranus in Aries will conjunct my natal Moon before transiting Saturn in Libra conjuncts my natal Saturn (yes, it’s almost That Time). Once they move out of the opposition’s orb, I look forward to enjoying both transits’ effects on breaking me free of my old life and allowing me to set up a new one.

    As for Pluto, it’s really just beating up my Moon. In fact, in all of this, it is my natal Moon which is suffering. In response to the emotional and physical strain of an overstimulated Moon, I am actively paying attention to myself and giving myself significantly better care than I ever have in my life … but sometimes it is exhausting. The Aries Moon is not really designed for this sort of thing!

    Also, in regards to the post itself, I don’t understand how this transiting cardinal T-square has any effect on planets at the middle of fixed signs. Could you break that down a little more simply? I got lost about halfway through the post.

  16. Great posting. You are such a talented astrologer and communicator. I only wish you hadn’t spouted that conspiracy theory bs about 9/11. It truly undermines your credibility and intelligence and disgusts me personally as a New Yorker. America has done shameful things, as have all governments throughout time, but the hate revealed in that act made it undeniably clear to me that it was simply what it was — a terrorist act.

    1. My apologies if the post caused offence, certainly not my intention. And any view that I may hold should certainly not detract from my sympathy toward those people who have suffered as a result of those tragic events, and whoever was responsible, you are right, it was a hateful act, no question.

  17. As a New Yorker, I have yet to meet a New Yorker, even those who were actually in the towers that day [in fact, particularly those of us who were or who watched it fall], that doesn’t entertain the idea that the government was complicit in some shape or form. It certainly doesn’t ‘disgust’ or ‘offend’ me. And frankly, I get highly suspicious when someone claims it does.

  18. This could lead to a true saturn/uranus debate through the guise of 9/11 but to get back to personal stories: I have a friend who was born in 12/66, thus has saturn/uranus natally in opposition (along with Pluto/Chiron), both t-square her Sun at 29 Sag in the 1st house. She was diagnosed with Triple Neg breast cancer a year ago and it’s clear she won’t win the battle. She has always been the “Saturn” in her marriage, her husband has Uranus on the Midheaven, Neptune on Asc., he played the dual role. I always thought it was her dharma to learn to not wield the stick and let the chips fall where they may, but she felt it was her job to “save and teach” others, not seeing that it was a total control freak issue. When cancer struck she continued the same course and I have watched helplessly. I am lucky to have a Saturn/Uranus trine in my chart; I seem to be able to sidestep both extremes but get mighty upset at people who play out one side or the other to their own detriment. As for my friend, the full moon eclipse in December is exactly on her Sun, squared by transiting Uranus, but I will not be giving her that information.

  19. Thanks for your very insightful writing. Have you any thoughts on the upcoming (Sept 23) lunation over the aries point?

  20. I’ve only just found the blog and read this entry, which made the hairs stand on my head. the exposition of the T-square &tc form July so exactly describe the dynamic of my personal crisis at that time, it’s really spooky.

    I was in a ‘second time around’ relationship with an old love from twenty years ago – it was always passionate and always difficult; he’s a double Leo with an Aquarian Moon, and Venus in Gemini. He’s very Uranian in every way. I’m Capricorn Sun (born 1946) with Venus and Merc also in Cap (Moon in Taurus, Asc in Virgo – so I’m ‘all earth’ though I’ve Saturn & Mars in Cancer and Jupiter & Neptune in Libra).

    It’s one of those can’t live with / can’t live without situations… We’ve had so much break-up and coming back together over the years. Anyway, through the summer he started to make problems about me staying at his place (we now live 70 miles apart) – said he was always away when I needed to be in town, which I doubt was the truth. I told him how unhappy I was about that, and that it was unacceptable if I wasn’t welcome there. He did take evasive action – total silence!

    So your post could not have mirrored my H1/H7 relationship crisis more accurately! I still feel however painful it has been (and still is) that I was right to make a stand, since without self-respect a Capricorn is quite undone

  21. PS tomorrow I’m going to look for the 9/11 post as I’ve done a lot of research on that, and in common with all those who have, I’m convinced we have not been told the truth or even anything approaching it. I have been looking forward to finding something on the astrology!

    I’ve spent a few hours on the blog through the night, as I just couldn’t stop reading – I’m very impressed by what I’ve read.

  22. I am a dabbler in astrology (a financial analyst for an international consumer goods firm in Manhattan “by day”) and I enjoy this site immensely for all the reasons mentioned.

    I am a sun/pluto conjunct (34 minute arc) in the 11th/Libra and I suppose that may be why I only understand my actions months/years/decades after I make them, also a Scorpio asc, with Mars in the 8th. At the moment of the act I only feel the emotional content of it, the immediate rush of the situation.

    More appropriately, Uranus in 1 degree Scorpio is 6 degrees from the ascendant, in a perfect(?) square with Saturn in 1 degree Leo (the sign of the midheaven). I felt this opposition, er, squarely.

    I was suddenly called to a meeting in a boardroom. Taking my seat, I began to be implicated sideways in the failure to follow protocol in the issuance of very important documentation between development groups. I railed against my accusers by pointing out that I maintained the proper protocols, indeed, I had invented those protocols, and warned the accusers – my superiors in rank and bureaucratic hierarchy – that it was they that pressured the rules unnecessarily. I felt very much alone and defensive, but I also felt that I was the one maintaining order, dignity, fair play, and rule of law. It was an ironic position, I think, given my position.

    This all happened as this opposition progressed. I still have my job, and the rules haven’t changed, and I haven’t heard that much more about that meeting.

    I’m wondering if it’s a Uranian trait to turn the tables 180 degrees when pushed to the breaking point, to mimic the opposition to the point of sheer reflection. Action breeds reaction, as above so below, etc…

    Bottom line, I felt this opposition strain me so completely and I bounced back in kind! What does it all mean!

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