Radio Silence

This is a very brief housekeeping post, I have been without telephone and therefore Internet too for almost two weeks after the phone company disconnected us “by accident”. They promised to have it back in 4 days and somehow “forgot”, then when they finally did manage to put it back on they gave us a new number instead of our old one so that our Internet still would not work and now they have disconnected it again. I would try to get it fixed but since we are moving house next week there seems little point in bothering with it any more. It will of course be several days before the new phone can be up and running in the new house too, so I will not be able to post anything for a short while at least.

In the meantime I find myself with plenty of time to work on astrology. For anyone awaiting feedback, please rest assured that I am making good progress. For those who might be interested in my insights into their astrology, I would suggest that this is a good time to contact me!

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  1. Bastards! The Internet is a human right, dammit! Well at least we know that you are safe and sound πŸ™‚

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