Applied astrology: the Neptune Pluto contact

This weekend I conducted an experiment. It involved a trip to the outer reaches of our solar system and I travelled there in my car (a VolksWagen) and it makes a wonderful illustration of how astrology in the sky can connect so seamlessly with the small mechanics of our lives. One of the key understandings of applied astrology, at least when you begin to connect with it at an archetypal level, is the principle of ‘as above, so below.’ When you understand this you can begin to formulate a methodology; one which utilises this principle to your own benefit and that in itself is particularly good voodoo for those times when you are feeling the strain of a tough transit.

Allow me to explain.

Currently I am labouring just a little under a Neptune square and a simultaneous Uranus-Pluto opposition. Both these transits went over last week from applying to partile and now they are separating, so the hard work is done, but as you will hopefully know, it is releasing the tension of a transit once the application begins to attenuate that creates so much difficulty. My challenge therefore was to find a way to resonate with both Neptune and Pluto, on a microcosmic scale, so that the intensifying stress of the aspect could ease.

Finding a method with energies as vast and impersonal as Neptune and Pluto is not easy, but only one hour from my house is the perfect facility.

This then is me, standing right in front of Dungeness nuclear power station. Now as you can perhaps see, I am standing on shingle, so in front of me is, yes, the sea. It’s all clicking into place right? I am standing at the microcosmic conjunction point of Neptune and Pluto.

Here is the principle; I am standing at the point marked by the red cross in the aerial photograph. The theory then is very simple; here I am completely connected with Neptunian and Plutonic energies and actually I am between them, within the conjunction. Once I was there and I was open to that, I must explain that the Plutonic feeling was almost overwhelming, quite apart from the vast, implacable and utterly impersonal darkness of the power station itself. I arrived and parked my car and then I walked the half mile to this point passing a series of very menacing-looking men with Rottweilers and Dobermans, most people I saw were incredibly odd in one way or another, strange misshapen women and their intensely closed off husbands, there is a bed and breakfast nearby, just check it out for an impossible naming convention, and of course while I was standing there, looking out to sea and happilyΒ  minding my own business, I underwent the best Plutonic experience of all.

Almost inevitably I was stopped and searched by police officers carrying machine guns. I was asked to provide my details and I (of course) refused, citing a violation of my civil liberties. I was then asked why I was there and ‘looking at’ the nuclear power station; and I was honest; I explained that I am an astrologer looking to cathartise Neptunian and Plutonic energies and that this was the perfect place to do that, and the burly policeman (on the left in the photograph) became very interested and told me that he had always loved astrology and had even bought one or two books on the subject but had struggled with the complexity of it all. They wrote me a ticket citing the reasons for the stop and search (which only contained a curious ‘x’ character) along with my description. They also issued me with a leaflet which explained that I would be required to remove, if asked, my coat, jacket and gloves but if I was asked to remove shoes, socks, t-shirt or headgear then I would be detained in a private facility for that purpose and searched by an officer of the same sex.

Now, am I wrong, or – if you were tasked with designing the most complete Plutonic experience that you could possibly devise – would it not be almost exactly this? Astonishing. It’s the best applied astrology experience I’ve had in months, years probably.

You should try it sometime…

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  2. Uranus did you proud… ruling both Astrology and Civil rights. I have the feeling that your astrology and your response to asking for ID saved your bacon… A night in the cell as a suspected terrorist would have turned the whole thing sour.

  3. If this had been in the States… you’d have confused the average cop which would most assuredly would have landed you a costly ticket along with an ample dose of harassment.

    “This weekend I conducted an experiment. It involved a trip to the outer reaches of our solar system and I travelled there in my car (a VolksWagen)… ”
    I intend to have this put onto a t-shirt. πŸ™‚

  4. Marvellous demonstration of astrological energies at work. I’d never seen a nuclear power station until my recent trip to the UK. They certainly have an overwhelming energy of barely-contained power. A most excellent tale. Astro-magic indeed!

  5. I am amazed that nuclear power stations in the UK have armed guards posted there. Sounds like something you’d see in that “free” country called “U.S.A.”. I’ve never seen such things here in Canada eh, but then again I’ve never attempted to terrorize one either…LOL

  6. Ha! Loved this post.

    This, of course, is a variant on Local Space astrology – literally bringing the planets down to Earth and following the lines. You can see a bit of a trite example using the Beckhams in LA on my website. Local space lines apart, the other thing I have noticed over the years is things like this: I have Uranus in the 10th and my childhood home, which is still my parents home (4th) is opposite a (small and disguised – just so you don’t conjure up some terrible image ) electricity sub station. I move a lot but can always find ‘Uranus’ opposite me. Even found another sub station in the wooded area opposite one of my homes once.

    Saturn is in my 3rd and one neighbour wherever I reside, is always very saturnine. It’s fun to step put of the usual box and see the symbolism all around us. Don’t know your chart but maybe if you or anyone have 10th house planets you can look and see what you encounter as an experiment?

  7. So you were stopped by the police because you were the most normal looking person there right? lol I love your description of the people and dogs you passed. It is quite funny that the officer had an interest in astrology, I can imagine he was supposed to be there. Better luck next time with this experience! πŸ™‚

  8. I wouldn’t exactly call you the menacing and potentially threatening type… πŸ˜‰

    The whole concept of applied astrology is rather interesting to me, since I don’t understand much of it. It paints the picture in a different way, and I enjoyed that.

    It was nice of them to disclose that they *might* strip search you. That always helps, eh? πŸ™‚

  9. Luke: Level headed policemen with guns are the best kind for sure.
    Olio: Send me a photo, I need to see that tee-shirt πŸ˜‰
    Aello: You’re right, and Plutonic points are very hard to find when you think about it. Apart from concentration camps, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Bikini Atoll and nuclear power plants like this, coal mines? Or even better diamond mines (how’s that for a Jupiter Pluto conjunction), prostitution (not sure about the photos…), well you get the idea, it’s not easy, so it certainly is an intriguing energy to connect with.
    John: You’re right, I was kind of surprised, but then, considering the success of this government’s campaign to insidiously wage war on our civil freedoms, I was not surprised at all. Shame on them really.
    Kathryn: Thank you. Very intriguing observations although I cannot test the 10th house hypothesis because I have nothing there of any significance. I do have Orcus in the 10th and I did once live opposite someone who looked like a vile half-man, half bear that would torture you for eternity given half a chance. Mars I have in Sag in the 3rd and I have been known to get into disputes with the odd neighbour about boundary issues. Not like, land registry boundaries. I once had a girl for a neighbour called Jenny, and she was a bit lonely I guess, so she would always just wander in ‘for a chat’ when I wasn’t expecting it. Kind of embarrassing and a bit weird. Love the idea though, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it for sure.
    Kel: Not sure about the normal looking. I was definitely the one who looked most in need of a haircut…
    Heidi: Yes, I am counting my blessings, the whole experience could have become so much darker…

  10. You my friend are absolutely brilliant and insane at the same time. I always thought it very unwise to challenge anyone with weapons but it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’d hold fast. Good for you.

    Now could you please help us to get out from the black cloud hanging over us? There is no nuclear power plant nearby…no sea either for that matter. I wonder if I stand between the generator and the lake if that would work. I don’t really understand applied astrology but I am willing to give anything a shot at this point. I’ll even piss off a cop if you think it’ll work πŸ˜‰

  11. … went over last week from applying to partile and now they are separating, so the hard work is done, but as you will hopefully know, it is releasing the tension of a transit once the application begins to attenuate that creates so much difficulty.

    I did not know this. I always thought that the applying time was the more energized portion and hence created more difficulty, and that once the two planets began to separate (for the last time, assuming a triple pass because of retrogrades) that the worst was over.

    On one hand, it is always great to know new things in astrology, basic as this, that I did not know. On the other hand, with Pluto on my MC for the third time, I was kinda hopin/thinkin that once they were separating, I was finally done with all that. Sigh.

  12. Wow, your country is very different than the country the US is becoming. If that situation happened to me and I first refused to give them what they asked for, citing and violation of my civil liberties, and then on top of that, gave them the detailed answer that you gave them as to why you were there, I would have been locked up somewhere….locked ward of a psych hospital probably, but possibly even jail!

    I love your question about being: “Tasked with designing the most complete Plutonic experience that one could ever devise.” Yours is certainly one beautifully appropo example…I would also be interested in seeing what some other great astrologers might come up with! It would be a great question on the essay part of some graduate or undergraduate exam for an advanced degree in astrology!”

  13. Now there’s a thought! Maybe that’s a new travel company idea, selling “experiences”, who dares sign up for the Pluto trip! Haha.

    You make a good observation about the transit, and I’m not sure I explained it fully enough. You are correct that the difficulty of the transit is felt during application, it’s the freefall point after you’ve taken the impossible leap, but my observation really speaks to the sense that you are powerless during application, the wisdom, resultant sense of new direction and simple ability to do something only comes at partile and beyond.
    This is when you can do something, but of course, most people will think only that some random horror fell on them out of the sky so they can now safely get on with trying to put their life back in the selfsame groove that it was in before this calamity. That is my point about the hard work and tension, because that is where you get to start reshaping your ideals and of course the practical circumstances of your existence in this new light.

    The 3 pass system is – as you rightly point out – important, I call them shock, acceptance and evolution (I am sure that makes sense). Some unfortunates get only one pass (shock alone!) and others (like myself with Neptune square just now) get 5. What is that? (Shock, acceptance, evolution, what the fuck and lost at sea?)

    I’m through my second square, so I ought to be reaping the benefits any day right?

  14. Ben, I reckon you’ll be okay, just don’t piss on a cop okay? Tough transits for you and me both since we’re only a month or two apart in age, hang in there, Spring next year it gets better (and I’ll email you before then I promise!)

  15. Nice Story. I don’t think the cops would have been so nice to you here in the states. Sounds to me like you got off light and lucked out with that one cops interest in astrology. I have had much darker Pluto/Neptune experiences – so glad you manifested in a “high” way. I am learning better as I get older. (BTW – Pluto is on my north node in second house and Virgo, Chiron is on my south node in Pisces 8th house – and Chiron is trine Neptune in the 4th house). Much better to be aware of these things than to get blindsided – to that I whole-heartedly agree. K

  16. Until I wised up – sometimes Pluto would just walk into my life. However, as I have gotten older and wiser I have taken up a serious practice of Yoga – and go to the ocean as much as I can. The Pluto in Virgo loves the yoga, and the Neptune oriented south node with chiron appreciates it as well. Live and learn – anything to prevent drama. πŸ™‚

  17. Kathryn, that says to me: a painful financial transformation, the 2nd/8th is pretty tough on material issues at the best of times, time to get some Zen I’d say, which it looks like you’re doing πŸ™‚

  18. “Plutonic points are very hard to find when you think about it. Apart from concentration camps, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Bikini Atoll and nuclear power plants like this, coal mines?”

    Hi Again – this locational astrology is extremely interesting. ! As I mentioned I have Pluto conjunct my North Node (I did read Jeffrey Wolfe Greens book on Pluto). Interesting as far as locational – I went to high school in Oak Ridge TN and my parents live there till this day. Their main product – what they make – is the Hydrogen Bomb – with Plutonium of course being an important part of that. When I moved to the DC metro I moved to a quiet community of Germantown, Maryland. What do they have there? A DOE research site – doing research on the “Bomb” and plutonium. Hm.

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