Peregrination Files: A Zodiacal Sampler

Peregrination of the Sun gives a beautiful insight into the archetypal vibration of the zodiacal spectrum; there is no more perfect attunement to the fundamental quality of any sign that is possible, except perhaps a Cazimi Peregrine Island of a sympathetic planetary typology in its domicile (such as a Cazimi Venus in Libra or Mercury in Gemini).

Therefore, due in part to the fact that I don’t have the time today to write an extensive article, I have decided to post a meditational for the astrologer who wishes to acquire these key zodiacal attunements; simply consider each of the persons listed here and allow yourself to acquire their essential quality, and in that way you’ll gain a real insight into the male and female manifestations of the undiluted essence of each.

Taurean males are hard to find cases for, and moreso for Cancerian females, but with the powerful family and mothering qualities of that sign, it is small wonder indeed. In truth, all of the water signs appear to have very few good examples of solar peregrination. I was fairly struck by just how much Amelia Earhart looks like a lioness!

Libra and Gemini fared the best with plenty of examples of iconic celebrities and Aquarius wasn’t so bad either. Scorpio males were especially hard to find, but it is interesting that both Prince Charles and his mother, the Queen have Peregrine Sun. No surprise in Flo-Jo’s case that Sagittarius rules the thighs and sports in general; no woman has ever run faster!

Again, Pisceans were thin on the ground, but in water, the ego is to some extent dissolved and nowhere more so than in the 12th sign. Annie Lennox, with peregrine Cazimi Sun/Mercury and peregrine Moon too, is possibly the most pure-bred Capricorn that has ever lived!

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