The Astrology of the Mayan End Date


Much has been written about the astrology of the Mayan end-date tomorrow, with particular reference being made to the Yod formed from a Saturn Pluto sextile to Jupiter, retrograde in Gemini. For me, this Yod holds no especial promise. Indeed, it has some intimation of a fixation with communicating a glib set of values to mask an authoritarian agenda. I do not believe that the chart of the heavens for the solstice here on earth has much to do with the Mayan calendar and its implications.

Since the Mayans worked with a cosmic perspective, it might make more sense to look at the heliocentric chart for the Solstice. At the point where the Sun crosses into Capricorn, from the Sun’s perspective, the Earth crosses the opposite point into Cancer.

The helio chart for the solstice has much more power and spiritual potential than the geocentric map. In this chart there is a Grand Water trine, signifying the potential for emotional abundance, and deep connection to the feeling realm. Since this is very much a birth chart for the new Golden Age, then its portents are nothing short of excellent, at least for those able to respond to them appropriately.

Venus is closely conjunct Saturn in Scorpio which tells us something about deep inner balancing and responsibility of relating. The trine to Neptune spiritualises, and the trine to Earth grounds these energies into our reality for the coming period.

When we dig a little deeper we see that Orcus opposes Neptune and makes a Kite from this configuration. This tells us that our emotional security is won at the behest of experiencing the undermining and disingenuous illusions of those who seek to control, rather than to share. In a way therefore, this gives us a line of interconnection with the geocentric chart.

In fact, dear friends, if you are aware of these subtleties of connection, you will see that the geocentric chart and the heliocentric chart reflect their implicit natures through this bridge. My friend Michael Erlewine has a better grasp of these matters than I do, but he will tell you that these two charts are a synergy between the ego and the spirit. They are not a duality, but they represent different, and at the same time, interlocking objectives for the human soul. Your choice at this time, and this is the same for all humans alive today, is whether you are going with the ego or the spirit. Of course to choose one or the other is not truly possible – we cannot choose wealth or poverty after all, but you must set your intention to one or be condemned to drift within the consciousness of your field and of those around you.

Are you going to be represented by the Yod to glib, superficial Jupiter, seeking to mask compulsive control agendas under a barrage of rhetoric and expedience? Or are you going to open your eyes to the illusion of our world today, of your own certainty and make the commitment to love, truth and absolute, unwavering spiritual integrity?

Whatever you decide, I wish you happiness.

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  1. I dont know anything at all about helio stuff, are you saying in and of itself helio is more spiritual?Or just the astro of helio on that day is more spiritual than the regular astro of that day? Can you maybe explain helio a bit?

    1. The former David, the helio chart is another perspective of our soul (we will touch on it briefly during our studies) but looking top-down (spirit-down) rather than bottom-up (erath/material/ego). They both describe a perspective of the soul. It’s interesting because there is a sense that once you begin to wake up (spiritually) the geo chart is not so effective. It begins to lose accuracy, and at this poj nthe helio chart makes more sense. Well, perhaps not more, it just starts to make sense. Since these charts are not a duality (i.e. they are not binary, but rather complementary) we can learn much from them. I will try to make some more information available about helio at a later point.

      1. hmm, thats really interesting, I can see how it is just another perspective, it just worries me leos ruler is just “gone” and cancers ruler, the moon, is kind of irrelevant considering there are plenty of other moons, on top of earth not really having an archetype while the sun and moon are pretty understandable archetypes, or why not mercury centric charts or marsian centric charts and so on for even more perspectives, on top of a lot of philosophical things I can go on about, if helio is just a sort of more of a life theme big cosmic picture kind of thing then that is neat and really cool, but the geo chart losing effectiveness is kind of conceptually scary, or that it is a meaningless orientation/ manifestation, but if its just a matter of tastes and different perspectives on the same thing then I am completely okay with that, and I can see how other perspectives might be better for certain purposes, just the whole as above so below thing I am not willing to give up, your actions and personality reflect something, but I can understand something maybe even beyond that

      2. also its kind of weird the geo centric would be more ego, since the helio centric is literally oriented around the archetype for ego itself, or maybe as a body within geo centric the sun can more easily lose its higher manifestation, and re orienting oneself around that manifestation helps immensely to re calibrate what its all about, even then though this still seams kind of wonky to think about

  2. A reblogué ceci sur L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:

    On a beaucoup écrit au sujet de l’astrologie, de la date de fin Maya demain, avec une référence particulière déployés pour le Yod formé d’un pluton Saturne sextile à Jupiter, rétrograde en Gémeaux. Pour moi, ce Yod prometteuse aucune especial. En effet, il a une intimation d’une fixation de communiquer un ensemble glib de valeurs à masquer un programme autoritaire. Je ne crois pas que la carte du ciel pour le solstice d’ici sur la terre a beaucoup à voir avec le calendrier maya et ses implications.

    Étant donné que les Mayas ont travaillaient avec une perspective cosmique, il pourrait faire plus de sens à regarder le tableau héliocentrique pour le Solstice. Au point où le soleil traverse en Capricorne, du point de vue du soleil, la terre traverse le point opposé sur le Cancer.

    Le graphique de helio pour le solstice a beaucoup plus de puissance et d’un potentiel spirituel que la carte géocentrique. Dans ce tableau, il y a un trigone eau Grand, signifiant le potentiel de l’abondance émotionnelle et lien profond dans le Royaume de sentiment. Étant donné que c’est très bien un thème natal pour le nouvel âge d’or, puis ses présages sont rien moins qu’excellent, au moins pour ceux en mesure de répondre adéquatement à ces.

    Vénus est étroite conjonction Saturne en Scorpion qui nous raconte quelque chose profonde intérieure d’équilibrage et de la responsabilité des relatifs. Le Trigone à Neptune spiritualises, et le Trigone à terre motifs ces énergies dans notre réalité pour la période à venir.

    Lorsque nous creuser un peu plus, nous voyons que Orcus s’oppose à Neptune et rend un cerf-volant de cette configuration. Cela nous indique que notre sécurité émotionnelle est gagnée à l’instigation d’éprouver les illusions fragilisent et malhonnête de ceux qui cherchent à contrôler, plutôt que de partager. D’une manière donc, cela nous donne une ligne d’interconnexion avec le graphique géocentrique.

    En effet, chers amis, si vous êtes au courant de ces subtilités de connexion, vous verrez que le graphique géocentrique et héliocentrique graphique reflètent leur nature implicite par le biais de ce pont. Mon ami Michael Erlewine a une meilleure compréhension de ces questions que je fais, mais il vous dira que ces deux tableaux est une synergie entre l’ego et l’esprit. Ils ne sont pas une dualité, mais ils représentent différentes et en même temps, emboîtement des objectifs pour l’âme humaine. Votre choix en ce moment et c’est la même pour tous les êtres humains vivants aujourd’hui, est de savoir si vous allez avec l’ego ou l’esprit. Bien sûr pour choisir une ou l’autre n’est pas vraiment possible – nous ne pouvons pas choisir richesse ou la pauvreté après tout, mais vous devez affecter à votre intention une ou être condamné à la dérive dans la conscience de votre terrain et de ceux qui vous entourent.

    Allez-vous être représentée par le Yod à Jupiter glib, superficielle, cherchant à masquer les agendas compulsif contrôle sous un déluge de rhétorique et d’opportunisme ? Ou êtes-vous va ouvrir les yeux sur l’illusion de notre monde d’aujourd’hui, de votre propre sécurité et s’engager à l’amour, la vérité et l’intégrité spirituelle absolue, inébranlable ?

    Quoi que vous décidiez, je vous souhaite bonheur.
    Traduction Bing, Thank You Chirotic

  3. I had not yet read your article I wrote mine. I realized that we have developed the same idea about the heliocentric Zodiac, see my blog, the translator is on your right thanks

    I share your article on facebook reblog, group four in English and my public page
    Merry Christmas

  4. Thank you so much for this analysis. It’s almost a dictation of my inner dialogue, one that’s been raging for days. I was feeling ashamed of the tight, snarly, limited thoughts that have been bursting in on my daily mind chatter. For instance, I really resonate with the “…fixation with communicating a glib set of values to mask an authoritarian agenda..” (especially with Jupiter transiting my Sun right now). The deep, inner tension you describe has been palpable and real for a while. Thank you also for connecting with Michael Erlewine’s work. You’ve translated his sensitivity in a way that has helped me grasp some of his insights more clearly. Quite a gift. Best of the season to you.

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