Venus in the 12th

Be with me,
My prison-guard, whose smile the only light
In this oubliette of mine; no darkness,
Only a forgetting of what is bright,
A rich smear, a Monet in my mind’s eye,
Of you, only you.

And at last,
With your glittering soul I shall hold still,
With hands on hips and sweet Athena’s eye,
Your beauty tumbles the sky until
The end days have flickered out, unremarked,
Unbound by these spells.

So touch me,
With that quivering, that flinch, holding fast,
Sharp intake of breath and melt into memory,
The memory of embraces long past,
And the flight of love and timeless things like
Raindrops on a bridge.


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5 thoughts on “Venus in the 12th

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  1. That is to say, Venus imprisoned… The “sweet Athena’s eye”, interesting passage, isn’t it…

    Venus in Aquarius is a good reminder of Aquarius double and divided nature – each sign has two faces, good and bad, even Scorpio, with its so bad reputation, has a good face…

    Now, Uranus and Aquarius have two faces: One, of humanitarian nature, and the second face, of technical/technocratic and even dictatorial nature…

    Fascism is of Aquarian and Uranian nature, for it needs two things: A deep crisis of identity and a techinical system…

    Communism is of Neptunian nature…
    Both, with Mars or Saturn, can degenerate into dictatorship but in Fascism it is basically bound to identity problems…

  2. Its very strange….my youngest son has Taurus Rising conjunct the Sun opposition and parallel Uranus. In the 12th he has Chiron in Taurus. Mercury conjunct Mars within one degree in Aries and 8 degrees before that he has Venus in Aries opposition Pluto right on.
    That’s 4 planets in the 12th House and Sun on the Ascendant.
    He is most brilliant in Science and any other subject; geography, English , social studies, world politics history etc ,including Poetry and Clay work, he can be an intriguing and excellent speaker: in grade school , high school or college.
    These planets are all involved and intertwined YODS. His Neptune is involved in the yods, and in Sag. in the 8th house. His Moon is involved with the Yods and is in Virgo in the 5th.
    The Moon trines and sextiles the Taurus/ Uranus opposition while Saturn in Virgo Trines his Chiron.
    He gives excellent advice to people in crisis but is totally foolish in perceiving for himself.
    He has a Wilderness first responder certificate along with wilderness survival training. Hes done finishing work on homes and log work for Log Houses.
    His talents are many but his karma with women and all that stuff in the 12th house makes me wonder if he will ever get to use any of his talents.

    He has been involved with the most bazaar and intricately disturbed women I have ever met. He thinks their interesting, yet when it ends he wonders how he got into it?
    He has 1 child with a sweet but disturbed Pisces who is in ,Assisted Living, now and two with a very loud overbearing Sag. who has a few physical problems.I am raising the first child.

    He is in college and all I can do is grit my teeth and hope he matures .Each women he attracts are an inch worm improvement over the last one.

    Hes a great student and loves plants and having a garden.

    My sense is that it might be karmic retribution , because in a past life he may have left some woman over a defect. Now that’s all he attracts… love is blind. etc That Moon square Neptune.

    Hes a very handsome ,tall, well built man but does not see himself that way. His self esteem has also been slowly improving along with the women he attracts.

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