A beating heart of flame consumes the wastes,
Rolling lambent and lithe, waxing and waning,
‘Cross moonless halls these cold shades lament
The promise of new life; this unbound spirit
In crevasses of cracking crystal,
Sibilant waves of glass break, roaring with dread,
Yet bright as Paladin’s faith; this tread
Into arms of light.

Crushing deep as Leviathan’s abyss,
This fragile soul shears off and earth-bound,
Cleaves apart to commune with the limitless,
Scintillating essence of Jahweh.
Until ponderous, darkening, moon-specked lords
Tumble the locks and free the bright pins,
And with a sigh of lament the sea divides,
Unlocked by juncture and heaven’s tides,
Desirous of life.

A babe with eyes stuck fast gasps upon this stage
As barbaric gods scream pain, and thrash and rage
At their golden chains.

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