Postcards from Planet Neptune (04)

I know exactly when this was taken, it was at the exact moment that the Sun was conjunct radix Saturn in Aries; thus early April, it was also the first pass of the Neptune square that I am currently surviving. I had driven into a wall in Tunbridge Wells and had no car so I walked to see a guy who I knew a few miles away who had various parts of a Renault, including the offside headlamp and indicator I required. I walked 11 miles that day and took this picture in a roadside mirror (hence the distortion) along the way. When I got home, I discovered (and this is Neptune all the way) that he’d given me the nearside indicator and I had to go back again the next day.

I have been offered some work in and around London, and whilst in an ideal world I would like to continue doing the astrology full time (and I have enough astrology to keep me busy for the next 6 months at least if I took on every chart I was asked to look at) I am getting really quite poor. It’s fine, I have no particular hang up on money (less could well be more) but all I need is one person to pay me nothing at all and I’m in trouble. I also struggle to complete more than 3 or 4 charts a week, and just recently I’ve been finding even that nearly impossible.

So I am off to do some carpentry. I have no problem with carpentry, I did it for a time when I was a student during the holidays to make some cash and I’m pretty good at it and I find it to be ‘kind of meditative’ as work goes. It also pays me – in a day – what I can earn from the astrology in a week. So today I have been salvaging my tools which were mostly ruined in the Spring floods (did I mention Neptune already?) and trying to prepare myself for a 4:30am start tomorrow. I should also like to apologise to everyone with whom I have failed to communicate over the last couple of days, and I promise to catch up after I know what my schedules are with this work.

I have no idea therefore when I will be able to post any new articles here, but hopefully it will not be too long, and I will be thinking about the astrology a great deal while I am out working of course.


(This is a photo of the aforementioned flood: the shed was where all my carpentry tools were kept and of course due to its placement on a flood plain (I discovered later on) my insurance was invalidated. I freely made a gift of all my ‘stuff’ therefore to Neptune, and now my shed contains almost nothing at all.)

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3 thoughts on “Postcards from Planet Neptune (04)

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Well, this is bad news; I for one will really miss your posts. I just found this website recently (linked from another astrology site, I think) and was forming a habit of bringing up your blog regularly to see what you had to say.

    In fact, I nearly emailed you with a question the other day but was still composing it in my head, trying to determine what exactly I wanted to ask. Some of your recent posts — like the one on ‘Into the Wild’ & Chris McCandless — really struck a chord in me, maybe due to my own struggles with Saturn in Aries (in the 12th house, no less).

    Your observations here are always quite detailed and poetically written. Here’s hoping that your financial situation improves so you can come back to us again soon!

    Thanks again for sharing your insights with us.

  2. Ah that’s a real bugger. Well don’t stress over my chart, we can always take it next time I’m in the neighbourhood πŸ˜‰ And you can certainly count on a gratification!

    Do what you gotta do, man. The least we all want is you guys to be stressed πŸ™‚

  3. You really didn’t think Neptune would have made it so easy? Hold tight to your dreams, the waters will recede, and the ground more fertile than ever. You know, Neptune may be trying to tell you something… have a plan (blueprints), build from scratch, and make sure your tools are kept safe for another day. I will miss reading your work daily. I suspect you will still write more often than you are thinking…. after all, you are a writer!

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