Uranus: The Cosmic Crank

Rather than viewing your Uranus placement as a description of your individuality, it helps to understand why you became so individuated in the first place. And usually, that story involves some trauma.

Hard Times – The Astrology of Charles Dickens

Let us talk about the nativity of the wonderful, flawed soul that was Charles Dickens. My own experience was at first indifferent. Despite an interest in reading the classics, many years passed before I decided to read some Dickens, I first read Great Expectations several years ago and did...
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The Once Was Great Conjunction

Maybe it’s my Sun-Uranus, but I never seem to get in the same groove as other astrologers. It’s not that I am trying to find fault with the prevailing opinions. Or perhaps this is the Mercury reception Pluto speaking, but what is really going on, like underneath? I feel as though everyone is pointing at... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Uranus – Pluto in Virgo and the 12th

As I wrote in my recent article, we are beginning to see some of the murk being manifested for the Pluto in Virgo generation. I've had reason lately to think about our ex-PM David Cameron, who has become the source of much regret I think, after he unleashed a veritable...
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The Retreating Sea of Faith

And we are here as on a darkling plain, Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,Where ignorant armies clash by night. From Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold. The closing lines of Arnold’s masterpiece remind us that, no matter our own propensity for thoughtful introspection, we nonetheless, like the peaceful denizens of a placid shore,... Continue Reading →

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