Chiron in Taurus through the Houses

The classic "wounded bull" manifests in the sense of being good enough, and generally impacts the sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Usually there is an uncomfortable class consciousness and sensitivity to poverty, with an accompanying feeling of inadequacy. Compensations can manifest as an excessive preoccupation with status symbols, hallmarks of affluence and high class items which confer prestige and elegance. Feeling unsophisticated, gauche, clumsy, dull, slow, inept or uncultured are other classic expressions. Chiron in Taurus harbours a secret sensitivity that they are just not as cultured, well-read, urbane and well-educated as others around them. Chiron in Taurus and the...
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Chiron in Taurus, the Wound of Insecurity

When the centaur Lord Chiron is in the sign of Taurus, the woundedness manifests in the realm of comfort, security and self-esteem. Indeed, the pain of Chiron here is likely to be felt as discomfort, insecurity and low self-esteem. As with all matters of Venus’ realm, there is a sharp dichotomy between material and spiritual manifestations of the placement. Venus rules both money (material) and love (spiritual), and to some extent, you will dictate which expression of Venus’ domain is expressed through the pain of Chiron here. This does not mean that you will be immune to one or the...
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