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The journey of life is not easy.

Depression and Sorrow

This is a self-evident truth that becomes painfully and increasingly apparent with the passing of time, and whilst we may grow in wisdom, experience and insight, it often feels as though we are never quite ready for whatever it is life has thrown at us. We strive to master challenges, and understand its conundrums, and very typically, we grow tired of the effort. Sometimes, we feel like enough is enough and we simply want to have a break, and be done with the constant struggle.

Of course, it is not always like this, otherwise we would want done with it once and for all, but no matter our good will, our faith, or our dedication, these hard times come back around and we find that once again, we are stuck.

But for some few of us, we can live at an advantage. It is not an easy advantage because it requires much study and dedication to leverage this advantage, but for those who wish to do the work, the rewards are there. I am sure that for some, rewards should be material to have value, but my sense is that if it is material rewards you crave, then you will seek a different advantage, and a different path. The advantage I am speaking of, is of a spiritual material. And it is through self-knowledge that you will realise it.

My-WayThat is the purpose upon which I am focused. Here you will find a wealth of resources and knowledge about the study of astrology, which is merely a very fine instrument for measuring the self and you can use it to alleviate the struggle.

Alternatively, if you feel it will take too long, or if you just want a helping hand in your own journey of discovery, then I can help with that as well. All things are possible if you are open minded and have a loving heart.

Here you will find articles and insights to enlighten and entertain, whether you are a novice or expert astrologer. There are opportunities too to work with me to improve your knowledge, or alternatively, order a report which I will carefully hand write for you, giving you an unparalleled glimpse into the mechanics and composition of your innermost nature. An invaluable roadmap of the terrain of your personal journey.

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