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I am available to look at your astrology and will happily interpret your nativity as a whole or look into specific issues or questions.

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    1. Wonderful article!I always thought there is something to the whole Pluto/Moon-Moon in Scorpio connection.I have a trine between my Moon and Pluto and I can totally relate to Moon in Scorpio!I actually had a report done for me and the key to my personality is Pluto.I LOVED all articles about that planet!!Thank you for your insightful words,advice and sympathy.I think you re one of my favorite astrologers.Keep up the good work and God bless!

      Ana from Croatia

      1. I have venus in Pisces square my Pluto (sag). There’s definitely a death / rebirth theme. It’s painful but you transform into something better than before.

  1. I have sun and moon and mercury conjunct Pluto in virgo. My flatmate has scorpio moon and is a real cow. Always harassing me.
    Where as i seem powerless compared to her.
    Why is this?

    1. We are only as powerful as we believe ourselves to be. Think about it, the only thing keeping us separated is the illusion that we are individual and different. If you look to each person impartially no one would be intimidating, shallow, incompetent, etc, because that person is merely a reflection of the whole of all that is you.

  2. I have a pluto conjunct sun in twelfth house libra, square moon in capricorn. I try everyday to be as honest and caring as possible but I can’t get over the feeling that no matter how hard I try I am going to ruin my life or that I already have.

    Several other aspects in my chart concern me and I think I would like to have someone really look at it. I keep reading all the bits and pieces but many things seem to contradict each other and I can’t get a coherent picture. It seems like so many paths to resolution are blocked or have pitfalls.

    1. This may help, find the house and sign of both your North/True Node. The sign of the north node represents the traits and characteristics needed to be developed and integrated into the personality to bring the soul into full expression and the house shows which course of action our soul wishes to use this expression.

      Also, change your thought process. Be positive. Take control. Stop being so nice. Stand up for yourself and give your life value. Speak up and use your voice.

  3. Wonderful article!I always thought there is something to the whole Pluto/Moon-Moon in Scorpio connection.I have a trine between my Moon and Pluto and I can totally relate to Moon in Scorpio!I actually had a report done for me and the key to my personality is Pluto.I LOVED all articles about that planet!!Thank you for your insightful words,advice and sympathy.I think you re one of my favorite astrologers.Keep up the good work and God bless!

  4. What you said is absolutely true. I have moon pluto conjunct in virgo in my ascendent. I’m very intense and extreme with feelings and emotions and had life long issues with my mother. She has always been unaffectionate towards me but ok with my brothers. I had many unfortunate events in my life and became self sufficient at age 7 and very secretive. I used to wonder why I was like a scorpio whereas I’m a pisces born 11 march 1971 , uk

  5. I live in Arkansas but I would like to ask some questions about wealth, and the fact I cannot get any, there must be some sort of fate going on….I cannot do anything but starve it seems. Born with The Sun on the Galactic Center and with a Grand Trine and Fortuna on Aldebaraan, it would seem there should be some good luck somewhere…It is amazing how awful my mom was and how Pluto actually sextiles the moon, maybe astrology forgot me…How much Amercian for a little money trouble help?

    1. Try looking at how Pluto or Mars aspects the ruler of the 4th house cusp. Some say this is the mother.

  6. Thanks for the great article. It hits close to home. I’ve got the whole whopper, moon conjunct pluto in scorpio in the 8th house. It’s both the life and death of me. The need for emotional intensity pervades everything that even should I wish with all my heart to just have a light trivial moment with friends, it never seems to be enough. Its like I leave the gathering hungry and unfulfilled and as if all other people are dull because they’re ok for settling on looking at life in a mundane superficial way. Usually every 2-3 weeks (probably corresponding with my period) I subconciously look for “problems”, just to get something to sink my teeth into, something that hurts, makes me feel with all that I am, makes me question my life and purpose for being here. It quite literally feels as if I’m going into murky deep waters and there’s no chance of coming up again, when this happens. Its agonizing and I absolutely despise it, yet in the aftermath, I can suddenly see how much I’ve learned, how I’ve changed once again (even in the smallest stuff), that I’d never wish for it to be different. It’s seriously hard to feel so much, especially when it’s so clear, so utterly penetratingly clear, how many others around you simply don’t. Don’t feel that much. And you cant share it the whole storm inside you with them, cause the ball you throw is just not gonna be caught. Neither one is better than the other, but it’s almost as if people who don’t feel so intensely are living in a permanent state of “ignorance is bliss”. And it really is, bliss I mean. I’d still rather choose the sharp pain of seeing truth, even if its ugly. I find comfort in that. It’s really rather lonely to be honest. And as paradoxical as it sounds, it’s when I feel alone and doubting my whole existense, that I feel most alive, all colours vivid and everything vibrating with energy that sparks in every direction. I sometimes laugh, when I catch myself thinking “oh, I’ve had a long period of being “happy”, not having emotional roller-coasters every week, easy-peasy…. Why am I feeling as If I’m lying to myself?!!”. The pursuit of happiness takes many forms I guess 😉 Sorry for the rant. Thanks again for the article!!!

  7. hi.
    Thank you for the article.
    I have moon opposition pluto in the natal chart and any time anything aspects the pluto it is noticeable for me. I have been experiencing a ceres transit conjunct pluto lately which is what has prompted me to seek help here.
    You are right about the opposition manifesting as external agents. I have experienced that exactly.
    I need help with this.
    I have been in need of help for many of the things in the life, and I know that this aspect has much to do with that, but I do not know what else to do about it other than try to cope. I have been in a mode of coping for a very long time.
    Please help

    1. Pluto is the god of the underworld, the unconscious, the unknown. Therefore the effect the transit has on your reality depends on what all is hidden from your conscious mind. The key is shining light into the dark corners of the self. Allow time alone to sit in silence. Still the conscious mind and go inward to find the cause behind the chaos.

  8. Virgo Sun. Aquarius Moon. Scorpio Rising. Moon square Pluto 12th house.

    At the age of 26 its like my life shifted. I went from the light to the dark. From having everything to having nothing. Its hard.

  9. – is disabled (found on Astrology.Hour): my email was kicked back.
    Monica Hope Carver
    DOB: 7-16-1957
    Time: 5:20 a.m. (+/-) I was born on a reservation in Oklahoma, they omitted the time of birth on the certificate; worked with an Astrologer in Delhi, India – each meeting with her lead to a more defined approximate time of birth (I recognized myself as she massaged the timing to fit with my reading)
    Birth Place: Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA
    Currently I live in Dubai, UAE – if that makes a difference.
    ASC: CANCER, SUN: CANCER, MOON: PIECES (as I understand it, I don’t know NODES/MID-HAVENS etc)
    I am not sure HOW I came upon your site….Only that your article resonated within me…and kept reading. I am challenged: thus fascinated. I understand nothing of Astrology, having only ever visited it ever so often through the years…..Looking for ANSWERS really. An option to a quick-fix and we all know that doesn’t work. I like the physical (planet placement) aspect of what it offers in the explanation of WHAT IS and why.
    I enjoy your mode of writing: DEEP…… deep and vast that it forces/challenges me to re-read again and again…….willing myself to understand the message: difficult to do when one’s experience is limited to pop-culture astrology and readings. The bonus is the opportunity to connect with the spiritual side of this science. No less than the “I AM” factor, hence “IT IS”.
    Excerpted from you posting:
    “Sadly however, many of us are born to be unwilling participants in this ever-intensifying game of Hadean Snakes & Ladders and rather than cultivating acceptance, we instead bewail our misfortune and, resistant to the last sinew, find ourselves spewed up out of our turmoil and discontent, blinking, broken and embittered, only to reject the new form that we have assumed and gradually to re-clothe ourselves in that old, more comfortable, but markedly less resplendent garb. And with each denial, each regression, we become somehow more entrenched, more sullied and more disappointed. The old fixes don’t satisfy: we shrink away from life and become less than we remember, until our potential is nothing more than a ghost of our youthful imagining, and, lost in the fog of our declining years, we vanish out of sight forevermore.”
    And this is where I am.
    Is it RESISTANCE and NONACCEPTANCE in trying ‘harder-still’, your very best in life is all for not? In practicing the above, can only lead to: Vanishing out of site forevermore – is that the ONLY OPTION? Thus negating the concepts of resistance or acceptance to “IT IS”.
    I would say the past 7 years have been difficult….2010-2013 were so difficult, I look back and think to myself – it PREPARED me for this last year 2013-14….as it was extremely challenging – although the last couple of months (Jun/Jul) have been at least psychologically better; my age factor is not helping (concerning employment etc.).
    All other astrology sites…..offer great news for Cancers in their second house this month. I am skeptical at best.
    Of course I would like a prediction: but, I would be more interested in coming to terms with my life and finding PEACE. So that I stop the nagging pessimism I find myself in – grow and go forth…. I have practiced meditation/mediation/prayer/projecting POSITIVITY. Tried to connect with my Arch Angels’, etc…
    Please don’t tell me as a CANCER – I am the perfect MOTHER, concerned only with family and children: I know I am so much more. I have been so much more. I have done some very good works……and would like to get back to that realm… brought personal-peace, a sense of personal-accomplishment, personal-satisfaction, and joy. (these past 4 years especially, I have fought a personal emotional battle with my brother (Pieces) and my father (Leo) – both domineering/competitive. I lost an investment back in 2009-10; losing money and my confidence. And have had to “depend” on the generosity of my brother and father over the course of these 4 years. Giving over to them way too much power…..that they have both abused.
    I live in an area….that does most apparently utilize age discrimination…and too, there is enough talent in this area that is paid only a percentage of what labor laws in the USA would decree as slave-labor. And without capital – there is no way for me to take advantage of the multitudes of opportunities in this region that grow by leaps and bounds daily due to the 2020 Expo they will be hosting soon. So, I am STUCK. Regardless of how self-confident I might feel…… I have been too abused to enable myself that kind of success.
    OK – Probably way too much information. Thank you in advance. I have just FOLLOWED you….and hope to afford your works…soon.
    Best wishes. Thank you for your consideration. Monica

  10. I have moon square Pluto ,moon conjunct rahu, and asc which is in Leo moon trine saturn moon square ceres moon sextile lilith

  11. Your blog posts are surely missed. Hope all is well, perhaps even immersed in writing another book. I have read your book on Orcus several times now, learning something new each time and return to your site regularly hoping to read your insight into this Orcus Return of the USA you had briefly mentioned; wondering if this speaks to the popular shout out of ‘fake news’ – after reading your work how Orcus has to do with oaths or, in my mind, modern times how the press uses words, do they still speak truth to power these days or has power muffled the words of truth?

  12. If my moon (8th house) square pluto and sun (4th) octile pluto and then sprinkle “mc trine pluto”, what would be the effect or manifestation in my overall personality and character? Thank you..

    1. The anxiety which results from a difficult relationship with parents (and dominant father) can help you to be a success in your chosen profession.

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