The Wisdom of Crocodiles

(A final reflection upon my now forever passed Neptune square: the 5th application began separating some 72 hours ago. It has been wholly enlightening, and at times profoundly disconcerting.) One of the most challenging scenarios in life is to find that you are no longer sure why you are here. On a very specific level,... Continue Reading →

The Chirotic journey continues…

This is a housekeeping post! I have determined to stop posting articles on Tuesdays for the forseeable future: I am currently writing a book based entirely on Chiron in the astrology. Whilst I very much enjoy writing my twice-weekly articles on this journal it is often extremely time-consuming and therefore, expediently I will post new... Continue Reading →

Bon Noel…

Today I wanted to write something about Jupiter - Neptune. My Christmas, in part at least, had something of that ambience to it, but also, I missed my children very much indeed, so I will save my next article until Tuesday. I ate my Christmas Day lunch on the beach with Alice, far from civilisation,... Continue Reading →

The Subjectivity Trap: a Disclaimer

In the past I have made a habit of writing articles based broadly upon the extant themes of my own life and experience, however, it appears that a number of third parties with whom I have no relationship whatever, nor have ever had any relationship, and indeed with whom I most fervently hope never to... Continue Reading →

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