The astrology of marriage

Today, I want to discuss, broadly and without being too definitive about it, the astrology of marriage. Almost immediately, there is a slight difficulty because semantics are involved, but in this instance I determine marriage to be any significant partnership with another human being in which you share affection, a duty of care and -... Continue Reading →

Making astrology pay: or not?

I have been talking for a little while with the excellent Jeff about how I carry on the business of astrology. Apart from the occasional foray into carpentry, I have no other source of income these days; and there is no question that making astrology pay is possibly the most difficult aspect of the entire... Continue Reading →

The fine art of synthesis

Without question, the most difficult aspect of my work as an astrologer is to do with managing people's expectations, this is inordinately tricky, because it is very straightforward to make a few fairly accurate observations, but people want more than that at the same time as they want less. This might sound contradictory, but it's... Continue Reading →

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