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Just a quiet mention for the advent of my new journal site dedicated to recording the wholly unesoteric sum of my views on real life, at least some of which does not involve astrology. Okay, so that’s a slight misrepresentation I know, life really  is astrology, but it helps to get out there and do something mundane once in a while.

Our Great Outdoors is a serialised ramble about rambling and other outdoor pursuits, I am soon to embark on a hundred mile walk with Alice down the spine of Northern England, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Yorkshire Dales and we’ll be writing that up, as well as our other various misadventures in the same vein.

Please visit and say hello if you get a chance.

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  1. Your new blog looks good. Let’s hope the sunshine holds out for the rest of the summer.

    I wanted to mention below but never got round to it. Perhaps you should try putting tip jar on this blog? It probably won’t pay all your bills but people might put in what they can.

    Very best wishes.

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