Time Out

transOnce again I find myself unable to compose my thoughts coherently enough to write my planned article on Jupiter – Neptune. Life is extremely tough, as reflected by my various directions, arcs and transits which I include here for anyone with a mind for such things to wonder at, it is not an especially pretty picture, it hasn’t been easy for the last few weeks and the next few are not improving considerably.

I am not complaining, only explaining. I believe that it is not what happens to you in life but the manner in which you deal with it which has most bearing on your prospects and I try to meet each day’s challenges calmly and evenly, but even with that intention, I am fair amazed at the tone of many of the interactions I have been subjected to by certain people of late. Long story short, we’re not even into the New Year yet and I’m already looking forward to seeing the back of 2009.

Just kidding.


So, my article will have to wait until my mind is more composed. Hopefully Friday. Be well.

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