Bon Noel…

xmas_dinner2Today I wanted to write something about Jupiter – Neptune. My Christmas, in part at least, had something of that ambience to it, but also, I missed my children very much indeed, so I will save my next article until Tuesday. I ate my Christmas Day lunch on the beach with Alice, far from civilisation, under a waterfall and we had turkey and rocket sandwiches with a glass of cold Chablis, and when it got almost too dark to see, we stumbled back home over the rocks. I took a partial pano of the spot (which you can click for a considerably larger view) and it was wild and cold and inexpressibly beautiful.

You may also wish to read a more exhaustive account of our Christmas chez Alice…

I wish you all a very happy Christmas indeed.

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  1. Lunch under a waterfall definitely beats having a gallbladder attack on Xmas day. Glad you had a mellow one 🙂

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