Mars in the 12th: dazed and confused…

I always understood that I was born sometime "getting on for" 6am, and evidently, as an astrologer that is maddeningly ambiguous. I made a point of recording therefore the exact moment that my own children were born; actually, the moment they took their first breath; which with my daughter was very straightforward; but was not... Continue Reading →

Making astrology pay: or not?

I have been talking for a little while with the excellent Jeff about how I carry on the business of astrology. Apart from the occasional foray into carpentry, I have no other source of income these days; and there is no question that making astrology pay is possibly the most difficult aspect of the entire... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Byronic Unhappiness

There is a consistent thread running through much of the new age spiritualism of our times, it is most easily rendered apparent through the understanding of the dichotomy between the head and the heart, the measurable of rational science and the immeasurable of non-rational wisdom; I have more than a passing familiarity with both; and... Continue Reading →

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