Making astrology pay: or not?

I have been talking for a little while with the excellent Jeff about how I carry on the business of astrology. Apart from the occasional foray into carpentry, I have no other source of income these days; and there is no question that making astrology pay is possibly the most difficult aspect of the entire calling. I quite humbly acknowledge that I do very often change people’s lives with the astrology, although it often doesn’t tally so well in that light  with the realisation that when a monetary value is determined for what I do, it very often equates to something considerably less than a pair of shoes. Of course I recognise the intrinsic value of positive thoughts and good wishes as well, but they, more is the pity, do not pay the rent. Occasionally somebody is very generous, and that has been my experience on more than one occasion, but I only need one “non-payer”, and I would say that happens really more often than you might believe when you are operating on a fair-play system as I do, and life becomes decidedly difficult. I have on more than one occasion come very close to quitting the astrology altogether as a result of non-payers. My situation is not helped in the least by the appalling exchange rate between the UK and the US currencies which, when coupled with the fact that the cost of living here is so very high, makes the dollar almost worthless as a measure of compensation. My rent alone costs $60 US every day, which in the UK is not particularly high, but if I am getting paid $50 US for a day’s work, you can very easily see how my problems begin, and very rapidly fail to improve.

It is for this reason that I have been re-examining my methods of late. I write the interpretations out for a start, and I do not think this is helping me; I can type about 5 times less quickly than I can speak, so arranging my thoughts on paper does take much longer, so that appears to be the first aspect of the astrology that I am determined to change. Of course it may be that I have this all wrong and I simply should be expecting more money from people for what I do, it is very hard for me to judge. I do know that for the most part my ability to see into the heart of things is very valuable to people, but when that equates to less than I need to even keep a roof over my head, it makes me question the value of any of it. I also feel very strongly that I do not want to withhold my service from people purely on the basis of wealth; that way it all becomes rather fatuous and empty and if I had another source of income I would very happily work for free, I am not remotely motivated by the need for personal affluence.

Thus, I am put into a position whereby I have to think carefully about my future approach. I recognise that I certainly put far more time into my interpretations than I am paid for; I work more than full time hours and get paid considerably less than the minimum wage for it, so I just cannot continue in that vein any longer. My options seem to centre upon these three key observations:

1) I need to charge more for what I do, certainly from those who can afford it.
2) I need to stop writing reports and start recording them, or working only face to face in personal consultations.
3) I need to stop worrying about producing quite so much in terms of quantity. I do try to work around a question and I ought to learn to stick with that and not feel the need to cover everything.

Of course I do see that half of the more difficult expectations surrounding this subject are entirely of my own making, so I am looking at changing things somewhat based upon these observations. If anyone has any thoughts, experience, or insight I would be glad to hear it of course.

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  2. Jeremy, I think charging more money, and by that I mean pretty much the going rate of say US$100 to 150 per reading is your quick answer. You can always go your extra mile, since I think that is where you are coming from, by keeping up the quality of your work as you see fit. That is what will draw people to you in the long run in any case. I realize you won’t always be a hit every time, but in most cases, the help you provide to clients is invaluable, literally.

  3. I believe I gave you my thoughts on this, give them a taste for a nominal fee and then charge more for an in depth reading.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where you could be free to follow all interests and pursuits and passions without having to stress about money and just live and enjoy life without pressure and hassles and the need to keep up with anyone. I would.
    Maybe we need to start a cult. The cult of personality?!

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    I think option number 1 sounds good to me…I believed that you have help many people and you deserve it…


  5. I think you definitely need to charge set prices, however instead of cutting all of the readings shorter, perhaps you could consider offering a choice of both… with the longer in-depth readings being more expensive.

    Recording them is an excellent idea for saving time.

  6. Sometimes it helps to see money for what it is… a crystallized form of energy. You can not expect to run an automobile without petrol… and they don’t run on guilt nor sympathy. Personally, I believe we are given our own limitations for growth… and maybe those who are not in a position to pay have to go through what they do to figure it out themselves. I know with my Neptune saturated chart, things disappear and when I am forced to fix them, I always learn more about the world and myself. Just some salve for the healer’s soul…

  7. Yeah, I recognize that conundrum from doing translation work. Personally I think a combination of all 3 options would be the best. You do after all want to have some free time for yourself and the family.

  8. Oh, this is an excellent process of devining truth! Many decades ago I was living in a region that accepted natural “healing” as a way of life.
    My sons (as all toddlers do) became ill with one thing or another and I was instructed by my father-in-law to take them to these “healers”.
    I was told, “Do not offer to pay them. Do not thank them. Say nothing at all or the healing will not work.”
    I have Moon/Venus/Neptune conjunct in Scorpio so this is a very difficult thing to ask of me….but I acquiesced.

    After leaving the first healers home my son immediately threw up and then resumed his normal behaviour.
    The 2nd son was taken to pediatricians and dosed with antibiotics to no avail. It is needless to say that, when the healer worked on my son, within a matter of days his affliction was gone….never to return.

    I have struggled with this concept of “pay for Healing” in this very twisted construct we call “society” and finally gave the question over to some very advanced beings which I call my “elders”.

    I recently asked them why it was “wrong” to ask payment for any form of assistance or healing and they said, “It is no different than what you call holding someone “hostage”.

    I am disabled through an illness that was caused by an operation therfore at the mercy of those who pay for my “rent”. I am at the mercy of my environment and the inept structure of my society, yet, I am not afraid. I am not afraid enough to charge someone for a “hand up” so to speak. I certainly do not want to hold anyone “Hostage” for the elixir that might be the balm of their healing.

    I think fear plays a large part in what drives man to do what he does to his fellow being, and, that is what this life is all about. Evolution of our minds, our hearts and our souls. Nothing else matters.

    I think that you are on the right track with surviving by a set of skills and healing with the other. Just my perspective.

    Onward and Upward we shall travel…….

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