The Venus in Virgo return, how to be healthy and radiant…

The Venus appreciation society
The Venus appreciation society

Venus applies to radix Venus for me, sometime this evening, so no wonder I am feeling that peculiar energy in my life, with Venus at exactly 2 degrees of Virgo (thus on the Virgo decanate) but conjunct Jupiter on Regulus, I quite enjoy my Venus experience, it also sits right on the cusp of the 12th house, so it is quiet, unassuming, contemplative and concerned with the marriage of health and beauty. And to celebrate that I have been making cosmetics; not out and out beauty products mind you, but ones containing herbs, specific essential oils and other esoteric remedies; with the stated objective of improving the appearance whilst simultaneously improving the health, actually addressing the psychic predisposition to manifesting difficult symptoms.

I started that process by making lip balm to address the specific astrological indicators of Mars to Pluto and I already sold every single sample of that I made, it was a fantastic success and (I am told) very addictive and good. So yesterday I made some more, but this time for applications of Moon to Pluto which is entirely different, but I would say possibly even better in quality and ambience. Then I made a skin tonic which is just so pleasingly natural to splash onto your face that I can hardly imagine not using it, and it goes without saying that the specific ingredients are designed to fix the soul, unblocking those hard edges in the tee-squares of our psychic life and I do believe that I could be onto something here; so much so that I may produce some of these potions and ointments in larger quantities and start selling them in earnest. My sister in law already told me that my Mars/Pluto lip balm is positively the best lip balm that she has ever tried in her life, and actually I believe her: I have a good radar for sincerity.

This evening then I am going to Alice’s house for dinner, and then tomorrow I am taking my children to the beach (thank you G!) and I will probably sleep there for a couple of nights. I have Saturn in Aries, so I like that sort of roughing it thing and my daughter, born when I was 28ish, also has Saturn in Aries so she has no issue with it either. I am hoping for plenty of pleasant weather and a great deal of swimming in the sea, more homage to Neptune. It goes without saying therefore that I probably won’t be posting anything for the weekend.

It might just be that Venusian influence, but right now, life feels good.

(If you are missing your astrology fix, go read Elsa, Deirdre or Jeff until I get back)

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