Lip balm for soothing those seething Pluto feelings…

The Pluto fix is in the lips...
The Pluto fix is in the lips...

There is no better diagnostic tool in all of human life than that of the astrology. Indeed I can with confidence look at the chart of a newborn and predict with confidence what kinds of ailments will afflict them 40 years hence and by the same token a native with no Taurus or Scorpio and a well disposed Venus will almost certainly never experience a throat problem of any severity, it is simply a fact based upon a sound and inviolate principle. That said, even this much insight can leave the astrologer feeling a tiny bit dissatisfied. It is a lack I have always felt keenly and I have bridged the gap between problem diagnosis and problem solution only tenuously by using a vague form of archetype therapy. For example, for a Neptune square by transit I would recommend swimming in the sea, walking on the beach, watching certain movies, reading Coleridge and Kerouac and listening to some carefully selected Mozart or Barber. That is all very useful and it will help, no question. On the other hand, by the time a problem has become debilitatingly serious, Pluto is probably involved and the psychical – physical promulgation of disease follows a definitive pattern through the planetary sequence: Jupiter excess leads to Saturnine restriction (you drink too much wine eventually your liver places a restriction on your capacity for imbibing) this might precipitate a sudden crisis (Uranus) which is followed by a breakdown of some kind (Neptune) and in the worst case death (Pluto) is the result. If you can treat the Pluto problem though while it is still in its psychic stage then the crisis will never materialise.

This then is my new venture, since I have been studying for quite some time now the correspondences between herbal properties, fragrances, medicinal plants and so forth with the emergent pattern of astrological manifestation of disease and distress. It seems to me to be the perfect marriage between diagnosis and treatment and the more I learn, the more apt the alliance grows.

My first experiment then will be to treat the various manifestations of Plutonic difficulty in the astrology with a herbal remedy that I am planning to create in a lip balm. I will therefore (when I am done with all of it) have balms for treating Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars combinations with Pluto, although I plan to start my first batch with combinations of the planet Mars with Pluto. I have researched carefully (and tested) my ingredients and I am delighted by its effectiveness and I believe that a lip balm will make a most useful delivery mechanism. My eventual plan is to create a series of these balms that are capable of very gently releasing Plutonic blocks. They could become lifesavers, quite literally. I am of course extremely interested to see how effective they are and I may well begin to prescribe them among my own astrological clients to see if there is any interest and I may also sell them too as an ongoing concern.

If anyone reading this has an interest or a view I would be delighted to hear from them.

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  1. I am without a doubt interested. I imagine the packaging to give a general impression of extreme relief. Somewhere in the package there can be a scientific (astrological aspectarian) grid, showing which balm helps which combinations, much like nutritional information is a standard find. In 13 years when Pluto conjuncts my natal Mars I plan to hoard your stock 🙂

  2. I am resetting my aries with black coffee, I’d certainly give pluto blocking lip balm a go if you think it would help me. Please J, something has to help me!!
    Can you send balms overseas without being considered a terrorist?

  3. T, I shall. Busy?
    Ben, Hey, I have missed you. Why is there no time in the world for you and I? When do I get to share a bottle with you, and why do we have to live on different continents for God’s sake!
    I’ll send you some, I have your address here in my mountain of papers somewhere 🙂

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