Road to Nowhere

a powerful draft of Neptune.
Yesterday.s perfect antidote to reality: a powerful draft of Neptune.

Working these last couple of days as a civilian has given me plenty of food for thought: a veritable feast in truth and one that would leave even the least finicky eater feeling a touch queasy. By a circuitous train of logic (which I shall not relate overmuch here) it has left me thinking very carefully about the question of evolvement.

When you are hurtling around the M25 in a truck full of tradesmen’s tools and shop-fittings it is very easy to forget. Easy, most especially to forget that the purpose of more or less every person on these roads, single-mindedly ploughing onward in their metal box, is the acquisition of money. Of course we all need money, but nobody ever has enough of it, and that is what I very quickly realised after my new venture into mainstream working.

So, after fitting a shoe-shop in Essex in two days, I am all done and I won’t do any more for another couple of weeks because I can just about manage with that money and anything extra I receive for the astrology. I very quickly realised that while I can do carpentry and so forth, I am not a carpenter; I am here for one reason alone and I was fully invested in that raison d’etre before I got so hard up that I needed to think about doing anything else, but the trick of money had me in a real muddle for at least 48 hours. I realised it though when I was inside the shop talking to an electrician who had driven down from Bolton, staying away from his wife and children for two weeks. He owned his house, a good car, had expensive tools, good quality clothes and yet here he was, talking continually about money, about how much he was owed, how much he was earning, how much he was going to earn. He would take five or six phone calls a day and the majority of their context was monetary too. This road to money; in keeping with the circular M25 that we were all driving upon, had no end.

It is well to remember this. Neptune on the midheaven can make a sensitive, a spiritual seeker, or a profound artist, but almost every time, it makes only a professional drunk. Chiron rising in Taurus can make a truly fine counsellor for those with eating disorders, but most often it only creates somebody who hates the way they look. There is no indicator in the astrology of which side of the divide the nativity will fall, but it will usually only take a single sentence spoken from their mouth for the astrologer to determine it. Evolvement then, is a function only of the soul which underpins the astrology. For me, with the ruler of my midheaven peregrine in Scorpio in the 2nd house, I can very single-mindedly make a career out of whatever makes money, or I can respond to a higher pitch and focus very clearly on the underlying themes and motivations of what life is for; this is what I do with the astrology, but every lower vibration is available to me if I allow it. I realise that with Gemini Mc, I have to watch a tendency to flit from one delightful distraction to the next (and it is probably no coincidence that just as I write this sentence, the Moon transits the exact degree of my Midheaven), and on the upside, I do at least get a fair degree of flexibility in my career and vocation, but – crucially – it means I don’t have to be fanatically fixated on doing one thing to the exclusion of everything else (as anyone with Scorpio or Capricorn MC knows too well) so I have been offered some further work in the Czech Republic and in Holland too which I shall probably take on because it pays well and I like to see different parts of Europe, but otherwise, and here’s the rub: I am an astrologer; that’s my (almost) full time job, that’s what I do best, and that’s what I’m doing with my life.

What are you doing with yours? You can find out more here 🙂

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  1. Well I’d say you are a bit more than just an astrologer, after all you have plenty of talents! You are hard to classify ;P

    I agree full-heartedly. Bottom line is that everything can be taken away instantly, no matter if we live in a rich country or poor. Only what’s inside cannot be taken away. Besides, nobody really owns anything. The stuff stays right here when we die.

  2. The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want.

    And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself.

    And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself.

    And the only way to be yourself, is to listen to your heart.

    Do what makes you happy.

  3. The waters receded a bit I see… you are an Astrologer, no other reality/illusion will change that. Funny it took walking away from it to realize it… maybe the lesson is conviction.

  4. When you say, “I am an astrologer,” it reminds me of the Any Rand book where it says “Architect” in the end. A symbol of victory, of having survived. A symbol of pride.

    It must feel awesome 🙂

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