Neptune square: exercise or exorcise?

seriously on my case...
Neptune: seriously on my case…

I am personalising.

This is not always good. I might bang on about peregrine Moon in Scorpio, (Nick Drake syndrome) but it’s no joke! Not to live it. It’s a ‘no-middle ground’ placement, you either feel too much or too little, Scorpio always was the sign of extremes, but who wants their nurturing side to be crazy like that? My safest refuge in these wayward and overly intense moments has been Saturn. I can filter everything that Mercury writes via a quincunx to the Lord of the Rings (so I’ll never be satisfied with it) and take myself out of the equation. Normally that works fine, but recently it hasn’t been working.

I got into a fight with somebody about Pluto in Leo. I feel like a fool for getting upset about it. Pluto on a fixed sign is nothing if not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but even so, who argues about astrology? (Elsa?) I mean people argue about astrology all the time, but I don’t!

Then I realise that I am getting a Neptune square. That’s fine, but I am getting way too much of it. Now this obviously – as you non-civilians (Monica used that term, I’m hijacking) will know is useful in the activation of self, and less esoterically it allows us to connect with the divine (I said less esoterically, but this is Neptune right?) so all that is good but usually you get 3 passes of a Neptune square, so why do I have to get 6? And right at the same time as Sun conjuncts Neptune by Solar Arc (and Secondary Progression too obviously). That’s like having 3 Neptunes in your chart. Now during the first pass I wanted to go and sit on a mountain, and yesterday the second pass came into its 1 degree orb as Neptune retrogrades through 22 degrees of Aquarius. It’s good, because it trines Ur/Pl/Asc and sextiles Chiron, but it makes me want to write poetry, meditate, it makes me question everything, it makes it hard for me to work and most especially it makes me want to run.

This is what happened to me before. I got Neptune applying hard to its square and I went and bought some running shoes and after many years of indulging in minimal exercise I started out. I was none too huggable at the end of that first attempt. I kept at it until Neptune was really going “screeeeeee!” across my entire life and I could run 5 miles non-stop easy and I was loving it. Then Saturn hit Virgo and my knee went. I haven’t run in two months.

But the point here is that maybe I shouldn’t be running at all. Maybe I am only running to somehow exorcise (deliberate spelling but there’s something in that) myself. To get the energy out so it didn’t make me frazzle up. So it was exorcise and exercise!

So I have two questions:

1) Have you had a Neptune square or any other really hard transit, Arc, progression to the big wet one?
2) If you have what did it make you do? This is a cry for help, so take it seriously!
3) Should I keep things personal? I can’t decide. I will write another post a little later about Orcus. Maybe.

I realise that is 3 questions, but I plead the Neptune defence.

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  1. Why does it have to be running? I would imagine swimming would be a great exercise for a Neptune Square – he is after all the god of the seas – and it is easier on the joints.

  2. Good question Kathryn.
    I would imagine it has something to do with the fact that any transit simply activates whatever configuration it is keyed into; well, this is what I tell people to whom these things happen. Neptune by transit squares itself, radix Neptune sextiles Pluto which squares Mars in Sagittarius, so for me there is something in the dreaded Mars – Pluto square to explain it. I also have Mars in the 3rd, short journeys, Sagittarius rules the legs.
    Does that sound even remotely plausible? No? Thought not πŸ™‚

  3. I have been under hard aspect Neptune transits for over 7 years, I’m finally in the waning square of Neptune square moon (part of a t-square), if you are under the same, what I have gotten out of it, is be glad I have a roof over my head, as this could be a homelessness aspect, I don’t have “my own” home right now and haven’t had one frequently during this transit (mostly been in the homes of others). I’ve read that Neptune takes from us all that we identify with from an egoic standpoint, whatever we’ve identified ourselves with is not there anymore. A constant turning inward and finding deepest self (moon) internally and let the external dissolve. As far as exercise, how about anything that is a discipline? Does that work?

  4. Hi Chirotic,
    The Mars-Pluto think I completely get. I have a Mars-Pluto thing going myself. Mars is conjunct my ascendent in Leo, Pluto is conjunct my north node in Virgo in the second house, and Mars and Pluto are pretty much 30 degrees apart. Mars-Pluto I get. Hiking, Biking and Martial arts might be a good choice. From what I understand Martial arts are a great way to help direct mars constructively. Me? Yoga, walking (used to be running before the knees went) and Salsa dancing. I have Uranus in Leo in the first house – and she/he likes airplanes and salsa dancing. So be it.

  5. “Have you had a Neptune square or any other really hard transit, Arc, progression to the big wet one?”

    Well – I was born with a neptune square. Square my Mars and Jupiter, Square my Ascendent, Descendent – yep right there on the IC. Took years – but when I was young I drank way too much. Had to quit that and do things like take up Yoga, go to the beach a lot (I refuse to live farther than 3 hours from the ocean as it is a need to go visit frequently), learned to meditate and do my clearing work, and read Liz Greens “Neptune and the Quest for Redemption”. Held up a mirror to my life – it did. After that I decided it was high time to get grounded.

  6. Aw Geez – here I am again. Your posting really struck a cord with me. I guess this whole Neptune thing was such a part of my life. The yoga really for me is symbolic of the Pisces Virgo polarity – and is an excellent way to ground Neptune into form in a healthy way – which is what he is asking. Also, learning how to meditate correctly is a very healthy way to deal with Neptune. I was always drawn to Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Zen – even as a child – and to me these are good philosophies for dealing with Neptune. I did not mention that I also have a Neptune Inconjunct to my Mercury, and that Mercury is the final dipositor of all the planets in my chart.

    The key point that Liz Green made in my mind was to remember that Neptune did not over rule all the other planets in your chart. I honor the God as best I can on a daily basis (yoga, meditation) and then I am off to other things (mercury ruling that north node in Virgo – but also living in Gemini in the 11th house this time). Before I did that – I felt I was at the mercy of all this. The final thing I should mention is that I am an Intuitive Empath. Dr. Judith Orloff writes eloquently about this – in a very healthy way. She is a psychiatrist at UCLA, a doctor, and an intuitive empath – making this Neptunian type of knowing – mainstream.

    Ok – I promise Mr. Chirotic that is it from this Kathryn – as that is more than enough…. Neptune can be a difficult teacher until you start to honor him correctly. It is also a theme in our family. My dad with his five planets in Virgo…well he has Sun conjunct Neptune in Virgo.

  7. 1) Have you had a Neptune square or any other really hard transit, Arc, progression to the big wet one?

    Well, I have Sun conjunct Neptune so both are being squared by Neptune at the moment.

    Meanwhile, I’ve already had the moon squared by Neptune.

    2) If you have what did it make you do? This is a cry for help, so take it seriously!

    Keeping chugging along so far. Maintaining the outer defenses, etc.

    3) Should I keep things personal? I can’t decide. I will write another post a little later about Orcus. Maybe.

    The posts are fine.

    [‘It’s weird, I’ll say that.’]

  8. It is great to see so many first hand accounts of Neptune aspects. Neptune is not always easy to put into words. I am reasearching as Neptune is squaring my moon. I am fortuneate to have a ‘home’ at the moment. I also have transiting Pluto square Saturn. Really breaking down of old patterns that are not only not serving me but an illusion. Thanks for all the insights–Sable

  9. You’re spot on about the feeling of Moon – Neptune! As are some of the comments….I have this energy dominating my natal chart…Stationary Neptune in 12th house in a 1’00 orb to Moon conjunct MC. Also Sun, Merc & Venus all in Pisces….

  10. Neptune transit by square to Moon/Saturn was loss for me. Moon/Saturn H4 I lost my home my social life (H11 Cancer), my joy (Cap on H5). Neptune in H7 Pisces lost all partnerships including marriage. There was a great deal of deceit going on. Natal Neptune on H 3 cusp in Libra being transiting by Saturn at the same time I lost all illusion – lost the dream I had lived in my mind for so very long. T Saturn then square T Neptune from the 4th to 7th – trying to create stability but continued deceit and confusion from others was dissolving all hope.Traditional ruler Jupiter in H 12 of both Sag and Pisces, much was hidden from me as well. Neptune can bring a healer but mostly for me, I have come across deceit and confusion from others. This has been a hard transit for me. Once in awhile with a sweet and temporary sextile there is a poetic moment – it is from Earth, so something productive actually comes from it. I make something, listen to music, take lots of photos etc. I loved my dream, it was so barren when Saturn demanded a reality check. But the deceit has been heartbreaking and the square to the 4th unbearable, un-achoring to use a nautical term.

    1. That sounds painful. The effect of Neptune on Saturn is nearly always pernicious. Eventually one can find hard won rewards, but the undermining influence of Neptune on Saturn’s solid gains just means that you have to work hard just to stand still and twice as hard to make any progress, and often there is a false dawn before you get anywhere! By that time many have given up and learned to just accept defeat. But accepting defeat, with grace, is also a Neptune quality to be thankful for I suppose.

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